Fed up with prob­lems caused by drunks at Borderfest

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of such an event. Al­co­hol may be blamed for that but with­out those funds gath­ered by beer sales, half the bud­get is gone. There­fore fam­i­lies would have to pay for all ac­tiv­i­ties. Most of our cit­i­zens can have a few beers and have fun but it’s not the case for ev­ery­one. As we all know we had many fights dur­ing the af­ter­noon and night last Satur­day. Borderfest fin­ished à 1 A.M with 10 SQ and se­cu­rity agents try­ing to calm down the trou­ble mak­ers. The last group had not bought beer from us. They had brought their own booze know­ing they were only sup­posed to con­sume the beer sold on site by us the per­mit hold­ers. This did not stop them and they drank the night away no mat­ter how many times we warned them.

Are we just go­ing to watch and do noth­ing about this or are we ready as Stanstead res­i­dents to con­demn this be­hav­iour that is not rep­re­sen­ta­tive of our community?

One thing is for sure, it will be harder to keep our main vol­un­teers that give 15 hours just that day, 3 hours on Fri­day for set up, 2 hours on Sun­day for cleanup and at least 20 hours each of plan­ning from Fe­bru­ary to July.

If you hap­pen to come across some of those vol­un­teers, I hope you will thank them for that. Same thing for our spon­sors who are also putting their im­age on the line for us. Their sup­port is the other half of the bud­get.

I am hope­ful that our friends who mis­be­haved on Satur­day will apol­o­gize for their be­hav­iour. I think they owe it to the community.

Marise Tré­panier

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