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In that round circle that you must fill in on YOUR bal­lot next Tues­day, or sooner if you wish, you can fill it any way you want, but a ques­tion mark is out of the ques­tion.

And there are a lot of ques­tions unan­swered in this un­war­ranted elec­tion that will haunt Quebec for a long time. Why on earth and what urged Premier Charest to de­lay the ob­vi­ous, two years ago, and not call for an en­quiry on cor­rup­tion in the con­struc­tion in­dus­try? Is Quebec dif­fer­ent from North Amer­ica? He, who likes France that much, is un­aware that BTP (Bâ­ti­ments, Travaux Publics- Pub­lic Build­ings and In­fra­struc­ture) is al­most syn­ony­mous with cor­rup­tion? Done, when asked by all; it would have been over by now.

So where is the Lib­eral Party? Gone from the French part of the prov­ince. Pierre Reid could be the last Lib­eral M.N.A. from out­side Montreal and the Gatineau area next Wed­nes­day morn­ing and even writ­ing this takes a leap of faith.

Let’s be hon­est, not too many read­ers of the Stanstead Jour­nal will vote for the PQ, Québec Sol­idaire and Op­tion Na­tionale. Yet, Mr. Bre­ton and Mrs. Trem­blay who are both run­ning for the third time against Mr. Reid, are ex­cel­lent can­di­dates. And Mr. Bre­ton may well be Or­ford’s M.N.A. next Tues­day night. But not a min­is­ter.

This would go first to the Saint-François PQ can­di­date, Dr. Ré­jean Hébert, the for­mer dean of the Univer­sité de Sher­brooke School of Medecine. He al­most beat the for­mer M.N.A. in the rid­ing, the much-missed Monique Gagnon-Trem­blay, in the last elec­tion and is seen as a shoe-in for this year’s. Mrs. Nathalie Goguen may have a lot of qual­i­ties go­ing for her, but be­ing a city coun­cil­lor from Sher­brooke is not one of them in a ru­ral rid­ing where the big­gest town is Coat­i­cook. As for the Coali­tion Avenir Québec can­di­date, Mr. Éric Giroux, his un­der­stand­ing of the English community is ex­cel­lent, not so for his party.

The less said about Sher­brooke, the bet­ter. That Mr. Charest is mak­ing the rounds again this week in his rid­ing is proof that he is try­ing to save his hide. The pre­sump­tive win­ner, our poll is just a tad more con­ser­va­tive than the oth­ers, Serge Cardin, has learned a lot from his de­feat last year as Bloc Québé­cois MP. He is not tak­ing any chances this year and will fight till the last minute. And he can count on the strate­gic vote of both the Québec Sol­idaire and Op­tion Na­tionale camps, nei­ther want­ing to be re­spon­si­ble for the re-elec­tion of Mr. Charest. Mr. Cardin is cab­i­net bound; his right to cen­ter cre­den­tials help­ing in a Marois left-lean­ing one. So what is a fed­er­al­ist An­glo­phone to do? The Montreal based English me­dia are al­most all praise for François Le­gault’s party. We would be too if not for one lit­tle ma­jor catas­tro­phe: The School Board is­sue. If you want to lose the last English po­lit­i­cal in­sti­tu­tion that is in the hands of the English community, then go ahead, vote for his party. He still doesn’t get that a par­ent-con­trolled school assem­bly, more or less re­grouped into a division of the Depart­ment of Ed­u­ca­tion, is not con­trolled by the community. It is slow death. Bet­ter to vote for the PQ, at least you know what you are get­ting.

So, like it or not, you should vote Lib­eral. Es­pe­cially in Or­ford, where your vote will count. Pierre Reid de­serves re-elec­tion and will be a tremen­dous force in the re­vival of the Lib­eral Party. All votes in so-called English polls will also be counted by who­ever wins on Tues­day and you must pre­pare your­self for a Marois gov­ern­ment. She is not a bad choice for all of Quebec, the English me­dia spin on her not­with­stand­ing. Mak­ing her look like a sort of Hitler in the mak­ing is only driv­ing more Quebec vot­ers to her; you will have a hard time try­ing to find a fran­co­phone who would be­lieve that sort of crap. She once stuck her neck out for the English community when she had the lin­guis­tic school boards ap­proved by first, her party, and then the Na­tional Assem­bly. This should be proof enough of where her and her party are.

But in our three rid­ings where most of you re­side, even in Sher­brooke, you should vote for the only fed­er­al­ist party that doesn’t en­dan­ger what you have.

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