The Mess

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Themess that will bring down Montreal Mayor, Gérald Trem­blay, will soon show its ugly head ev­ery­where in Quebec.

Wit­ness af­ter wit­ness will come, tak­ing down an­other part of the cor­rup­tion that has cost us tens of bil­lions over the last years. Bil­lions that could have re­ally paved an­other road (wait till they get to the as­phalt part), built an­other school, en­larged an­other hospi­tal. Not bil­lions that we could have saved, only spent bet­ter. It is not that we need to pay less taxes, we are much bet­ter off than our an­ces­tors on this mat­ter, but that ev­ery nickel should pro­vide us with what we paid for.

What has not hit Joe Pub­lic yet is the fact that when the con­struc­tion in­dus­try is in high cor­rup­tion mode ev­ery as­pect of the trade tags along. The end re­sult is higher prices for ev­ery sec­tor. In­clud­ing work done on your house or busi­ness, even by the clean­est of con­trac­tor.

It goes on and on, any­body that can sign a piece of pa­per try­ing to take a cut, in cash please. So if you want your lum­ber to be de­liv­ered on a site be­fore sun­set, even if you show up be­fore dawn, you may have to grease the wheel a bit. Those twen­ties and fifties and brown bills add up… To your own bill.

So at some point the Char­bon­neau in­quiry will hit the broader ques­tion of all con­struc­tion con­tracts, pub­lic and pri­vate. Our towns and vil­lages will be told that be­tween 25% and 35% of the cost of con­tracts may have been spent on cor­rup­tion of all types; money never to be seen again.

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