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La Fi­nan­cière agri­cole du Québec has just re­leased its 2011-2012 report on farm­ing in the Estrie re­gion. “Through its di­verse in­ter­ven­tions, La Fi­nan­cière agri­cole con­trib­utes to the eco­nomic devel­op­ment of Que­bec and its re­gions, notably by as­sur­ing the fi­nan­cial sta­bil­ity of agri­cul­tural en­ter­prises. With as­sured hold­ings of al­most $4.8 bil­lion and a port­fo­lio of loan guar­an­tees reach­ing $4.4 bil­lion, the con­tri­bu­tion of La Fi­nan­cière agri­cole to Que­bec agri­cul­ture makes a dif­fer­ence,” com­mented Mr. Robert Keat­ing, pres­i­dent/di­rec­tor gen­eral of La Fi­nan­cière agri­cole du Québec. Fi­nance pro­grams

There are 2,591 agri­cul­tural en­ter­prises in the Estrie re­gion. In to­tal, loans made by La Fi­nan­cière agri­cole, for 2011-2012, amount to $63.3 mil­lion. Of this amount, 47 mil­lion went to dairy farms, maple syrup pro­duc­ers, beef and pork farms. Fi­nanc­ing in forestry reached $5.2 mil­lion. Fi­nan­cial aid for re­place­ment farm­ers La Fi­nan­cière agri­cole pro­vided fi­anan­cial sup­port to 32 young farm­ers in the re­gion for their projects to start farm­ing. That aid amounted to $690,000.

Added to this are spe­cial rates for some of the or­ga­ni­za­tions other fi­nan­cial sup­port pro­grams. In­surance and rev­enue pro­tec­tion pro­grams In­surance and rev­enue pro­tec­tion pro­grams of­fered by La Fi­nan­cière agri­cole cover al­most all risks faced by farm­ing en­ter­prises; $40.4 mil­lion was al­lo­cated to pro­duc­ers. More specif­i­cally, com­pen­sa­tion to­talling $30.2 mil­lion was ac­corded in sta­bil­i­sa­tion in­surance (ASRA), prin­ci­pally in the beef and pork sec­tors. In­ter­ven­tions of the Agri-stabilité pro­gram came to $4 mil­lion. Fur­ther­more, government con­tri­bu­tions of $1.7 mil­lion from the Agri-in­vestisse­ment pro­gram and $3.6 mil­lion from the Agri-Québec pro­gram were given out. En­ter­prises in­sured with Pro­gramme d’as­sur­ance ré­colte (ASREC) re­ceived com­pen­sa­tion of more than $866,000 dol­lars, mostly for field crops.

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