NDP launches ''Our Re­gion aban­doned’’ Cam­paign''

Af­ter cam­paign­ing with the slo­gan “Our re­gion in power,” the Con­ser­va­tives com­pletely aban­doned the East­ern Town­ships

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New Democrats launched a ma­jor cam­paign to­day to call the Con­ser­va­tives to or­der. The government prided it­self on be­ing for the re­gions in the May 2011 elec­tion, but has com­pletely aban­doned its prom­ises and is now gov­ern­ing against the in­ter­ests of the East­ern Town­ships.

“In the May 2011 elec­tions, the Con­ser­va­tives’ slo­gan for their cam­paign in Que­bec was ‘Our re­gion in power,’” said New Demo­crat MP Pierre-Luc Dusseault. Stephen Harper said: “A sta­ble, ma­jor­ity Con­ser­va­tive government will ad­dress the con­cerns of Que­be­cers from all re­gions and pro­tect their in­ter­ests by fo­cus­ing on eco­nomic re­cov­ery, job cre­ation and the se­cu­rity of our bor­ders.” Nearly two years af­ter the elec­tions, it’s clear the government has bro­ken its prom­ise.

“The Con­ser­va­tives have done ex­actly the op­po­site of what they promised. What they’re do­ing will kill the re­gional econ­omy. Sea­sonal work will be hugely af­fected by their reck­less EI re­form,” said Jean Rousseau.

While they con­tinue to sub­si­dize oil com­pa­nies, they’ve com­pletely aban­doned Que­bec’s forestry in­dus­try. The government also gut­ted en­vi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tions for our lakes and rivers and abol­ished fish habi­tat pro­tec­tions.

Worse: The Con­ser­va­tives are cen­tral­iz­ing the Eco­nomic Devel­op­ment Agency’s re­gional of­fices, clos­ing re­gional post of­fices and cut­ting fund­ing to CBC,

which pro­vides re­gional news. They also gut­ted the Com­mu­nity Ac­cess pro­gram, re­spon­si­ble for de­vel­op­ing In­ter­net ac­cess out­side of ma­jor cen­tres. “How can we en­sure the eco­nomic devel­op­ment of our re­gions if we take away th­ese tools?,” said Rousseau.

With the sur­vival of our re­gions at stake, the NDP launched a cam­paign to­day to re­mind the Con­ser­va­tive government of its prom­ises to the pop­u­la­tion and our re­gion. Signs say­ing “Our re­gion aban­doned” will mock the Con­ser­va­tives’ 2011 cam­paign and call Stephen Harper to or­der.

“To­gether, let’s send a clear mes­sage to the Con­ser­va­tive government: we will stand up for our re­gion. We will not sit on our hands be­fore Stephen Harper, who de­cided to aban­don our re­gions,” said Dusseault.

The pub­lic is in­vited to visit the web­site: notr­ere­gion­a­ban­don­nee. ca to learn more about Con­ser­va­tive at­tacks on the re­gions.

The cam­paign will also ex­tend to so­cial me­dia. Peo­ple will be able to post pho­tos on Face­book and Twit­ter of the re­gions with the mes­sage we want to send to Stephen Harper.

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