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There’s noth­ing like change to bring some life to a town meet­ing and this Mon­day’s meet­ing in Ayer’s Cliff was proof pos­i­tive that any­thing new needs prac- tice. In this case, go­ing pa­per­less brought havoc to the usu­ally ‘run­ning smoother than but­ter on a hot plate’ meet­ing that has been the hall­mark in Ayer’s Cliff over the last few years.

Or shall we say, Mas­saw­ippi Val­ley? Ayer’s Cliff will se­ri­ously in­ves­ti­gate the pos­si­bil­ity of a merger with Hat­ley, an ex­change of cor­re­spon­dence shows.

The main at­trac­tion was at ques­tion pe­riod when Dian Co­hen made a pre­sen­ta­tion for the pro­posed health clinic in town. As mayor Van Zuiden said: “Ev­ery­one wants a doc­tor and I’ll fight tooth and nail for this.” The town agreed to pro­vide a seed fund of $2,000 to get the pro­ject go­ing. It will serve to in­cor­po­rate a pro­vi­sional or­gan­i­sa­tion that will then be able to col­lect fund­ing. As soon as the pa­per­work is ready, the grass­roots move­ment will be able to truly knock on doors to get the money needed for the pro­ject. 575 have an­swered the ques­tion­naire al­ready; rea­son­ably, only 100 are ask­ing out­right for a doc­tor.

If the pro­ject suc­ceeds, it will have many more hur­dles, in­clud­ing a re­ver­sal of the Que­bec stated pol­icy of not ac­cept­ing that any fees be paid by clients in any pri­vate clinic in the prov­ince.

While Tyler Park will be truly off-lim­its to dogs, the town will hire a stu­dent to see that both they and their two-wheeled friends are kept away as the mu­nic­i­pal reg­u­la­tion states al­ready. A new dog park should open soon be­hind the old feed mill, prop­erly fenced. The fa­cil­ity will fill a void in Ayer’s Cliff and the re­gion.

A new wa­ter us­age brochure re­flect­ing the new reg­u­la­tions should be out of the printer soon. In the same en­vi­ron­men­tal vein, the town will try its best to en­force the reg­u­la­tions around Lake Mas­saw­ippi for­bid­ding the use of the last cou­ple of me­ters. The in­spec­tor will have a look at it, so will the Lake Mas­saw­ippi con­ser­va­tion agents and fi­nally, as coun­cil­lor Pat Proulx said: stalling if all else fails. The reg­u­la­tions are some­times con­fus­ing, this news­pa­per ad­mits, so a phone call to City Hall can solve a lot of prob­lems be­fore they hap­pen.

And a last wa­ter re­lated item: this time three thou­sand gal­lons of it, the ca­pac­ity of the new tanker that the Fire Depart­ment will get soon at a price of $321,760, paid for with cash from var­i­ous ac­cu­mu­lated re­serves and the con­tri­bu­tion of neigh­bour­ing mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties.

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Dian Co­hen spoke about the pro­posed Health clinic at last Mon­day’s coun­cil meet­ing in Ayer’s Cliff.

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