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Vic­to­ria Vanier

Ac­cord­ing to Statis­tics Canada, Sher­brooke is grow­ing. In the past fif­teen years, the pop­u­la­tion has in­creased from 136,902 to 161,253, an in­crease of 17.8% which makes Sher­brooke the fourth fastest grow­ing city in Que­bec.

The big­gest growth was seen in Rock For­est-St. Elie-Deauville (14.5%) and Fleu­ri­mont (7.5%). The only Bor­ough that saw a de­crease in pop­u­la­tion was the Bor­ough of Len­noxville whose pop­u­la­tion de­creased by the not in­signif­i­cant amount of 3.7%.

The over­all in­crease was par­tic­u­larly noted in the 50 plus crowd which went up by 10,120. The 85 and older group also in­creased by 90.7 % and now to­tals 3,785 peo­ple of that age. Sher­brooke has 1,545 more fam­i­lies than it had in 2006, how­ever, the size of fam­i­lies has de­creased, go­ing down to an aver­age of two chil­dren. The ma­jor­ity of chil­dren aged be­tween 0 and 4 live in Rock For­est-St. Elie-Deauville. The Bor­oughs of Fleu­ri­mont, Jac­ques Cartier and Mont-Belle­vue saw an in­crease in their pop­u­la­tion aged be­tween 30 and 34. This evo­lu­tion com­pares to other large cities in Que­bec like TroisRivieres, Le­vis, Sague­nay and Gatineau.

A small in­crease was seen among peo­ple who live alone, par­tic­u­larly in the Bor­oughs of Fleu­ri­mont and Mont Belle­vue. Most of those are 65 or older.

The state of mar­riage hasn’t evolved much: the num­ber of com­mon-law cou­ples has in­creased, go­ing from 13,245 to 15,120. The city also saw a small in­crease of 110 in the num­ber of sin­gle par­ent fam­i­lies.

When it comes to lan­guage, a high pro­por­tion of Sher­brooke res­i­dents know both of­fi­cial lan­guages al­though French is more com­monly spo­ken in the home. Only the Bor­ough of Len­noxville has more than 50% of its pop­u­la­tion speak­ing English at home.

The aver­age in­come of peo­ple 15 years and older is at $23,822. On this point, Sher­brooke com­pares favourably to TroisRivieres and Sague­nay even though it us un­der the Que­bec aver­age of $24,430. Th­ese in­come fig­ures are from 2005 since the 2011 fig­ures are not yet avail­able.

The com­plete de­mo­graphic por­trait can be seen on the City of Sher­brooke’s web­site.

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