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Su­san-Lynn Johns, Wor­ship Leader of First Univer­sal­ist Parish of Derby Line, will present a re­flec­tion on the topic of civil rights in her na­tive re­gion. “Be­ing from the South, I al­ways take an in­ter­est in what’s go­ing on down there. The re­cent moves by North Carolina to ‘in­sure against voter fraud’ are par­tic­u­larly heinous and so point­edly aimed at dis­en­fran­chis­ing blacks, stu­dents, and the el­derly that the prospect of the state get­ting away with it sim­ply bog­gles my mind. The in­sis­tence of some peo­ple that racism is dead is given lie by far too many ac­tions be­ing taken by state gov­ern­ments. Dis­crim­i­na­tion among in­di­vid­ual cit­i­zens is ram­pant all over the coun­try. Where are the re­li­gious lead­ers of all faiths who rose to the chal­lenge in the ‘60’s? Is there any hope at all in ex­pect­ing Congress to do some­thing? What can we do as peo­ple who em­brace so­cial jus­tice? Will we have to start all over again?”

To rec­og­nize Labour Day, Mark Twain will also be on hand, as per­formed by fa­mous Twain im­per­son­ator Ed Helm, to de­liver the his­tor­i­cal “New Amer­i­can Dy­nasty Speech” which was used by the Labour move­ment as a labour tool.

Both will speak at this Sun­day’s ser­vice which be­gins at 10:00 am.

The First Univer­sal­ist Parish of Derby Line, the first church in the North­east King­dom to be so­lar-pow­ered, is lo­cated at 112 Main Street.

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