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CivilWar Gen­eral Ulysses S. Grant will ap­pear at the East­side Restau­rant in New­port Vt. on Wed­nes­day Sept 11, 2013 at 6pm. The North­east King­dom Civil War Round Ta­ble was able to con­vince our 18 pres­i­dent to come back from the grave for just this one evening. The Gen­eral will show up in the form of Tony Daniels a pro­fes­sional im­per­son­ator.

Best of all it’s a free­bee if you just want to see the show but you shouldn’t miss out on the great meal Deenaof­fers us at a very very rea­son­able price! That’s right you can come and not pay a penny to en­joy this one man lec­ture. No one will bug ya to join the group! Our group is based on the prin­ci­ple that no re­ports are good re­ports. (no min­utes of the last meet­ing – no trea­sur­ers or sec­re­taries re­port – and no darn Roberts Rules of Or­der ) To en­joy his­tory; it has to be fun! By the way no reser­va­tions nec­es­sary.

So what about this guy Grant? He was a some­what shy and un­pre­ten­tious man who re­ally didn’t show any signs of great­ness be­fore the Civil War. At West Point he only ex­celled at horse­back rid­ing and even set records that lasted for decades.

Given a chance to prove his abil­ity at the start of the Civil War; he proved it over and over again. He was a bull­dog in bat­tle. A boxer who took his lumps but won the fight in the end. In April 1862 at the bat­tle of Shiloh, Grant he got sur­prised by the en­emy and all his subor­di­nates begged him to re­treat. Yet his de­ter­mined re­ply to them was, we will lick them to­mor­row. He did. This one bat­tle had more Amer­i­can ca­su­al­ties than all the other wars our coun­try had been in. When Lin­coln was told to re­move him, he said “I can’t this man fights”. Un­like Gen. McCellen who could grasp de­feat from the jaws of vic­tory; Grant al­ways moved for­ward. An­other time Lin­coln was ad­vised to re­move Grant be­cause he drank too much. Lin­coln; a tee­to­taler, replied “Find out what type he drinks, I want to send some to all my gen­er­als”.

Grant was a man who shunned the lime­light and the press. He was more in­ter­ested in get­ting the job done than brag­ging about how he was go­ing to whip the en­emy as most of past lead­ers of the Union Army had done. He was a man who wore a pri­vate’s uni­form more of­ten than a Gen­er­als yet he was only the sec­ond per­son to be given the rank of Lieu­tenant Gen­eral. Ge­orge Wash­ing­ton was the first.

Af­ter the war Grant was elected Pres­i­dent of the United States and served two terms. Here are a few fun facts about Grant. He was only 5’2” and 120 lbs. He grad­u­ated from West Point in 1843, rank­ing 21st in a class of 39.

His best man was none other than fu­ture Con­fed­er­ate Gen­eral James Longstreet.

Grant be­came Pres­i­dent at 46 years old. It was the first of­fice he had ever run for. He won by a land­slide 214 elec­toral votes to 80. His time in of­fice was marred by scan­dal af­ter scan­dal yet Grant him­self was above re­proach!

Lastly that age old ques­tion will be an­swered once and for all” Who is buried in Grant’s tomb”? Which by the way is the largest mau­soleum in North Amer­ica.

Photo Ma place en poli­tique

Seen here in the first match of the quar­ter­fi­nal were : the Green team from Mem­phré­m­a­gog MRC coached by Ca­role Daoust; Francine Caron Mark­well, Stanstead Town­ship; Lise Rousseau, Og­den; Louis Veil­lon, Pot­ton; and Serge St-Pierre, of Ste-Cather­ine-de-Hat­ley; and the yel­low team from Sher­brooke, coached by Eugénie Dostie-Goulet, and com­posed of Lise Drouin-Pa­que­tte, Dany Lachance, Maude M. Sévi­gny and Vin­cent Boutin. At cen­tre is the umpire Valérie Toupin-De­la­fontaine.

Photo Ma place en poli­tique

Seen here in the sec­ond quar­ter fi­nal were the Sher­brooke green team coached by Lu­cie Trem­blay, St-Her­ménégilde; and com­posed of Rémy De­mers, Sher­brooke; Sylvie Lapointe, Ni­cole Au­bin Gagnon and Félix Boudreault. The yel­low team from the Coat­i­cook MRC, coached by Ni­cole Fortier, of Bury, and com­posed of Jac­ques Fer­land, Comp­ton; Julie Gre­nier, Barn­ston-Ouest; Sylvie Fau­teux, St-Her­ménégilde; and So­nia Trem­blay, Barn­ston-Ouest. At cen­tre is um­pireValérie Toupin-De­la­fontaine.

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Photo courtesy

Gen­eral Ulysses S. Grant will be speak­ing at the East­side Restau­rant next Wed­nes­day evening.

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