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As pre­vi­ously re­ported, over a dozen lo­cal may­ors have al­ready been elected, by ac­cla­ma­tion, in this year’s mu­nic­i­pal elec­tions, and sev­eral en­tire coun­cils, such as those of Stanstead East, Coat­i­cook, Barn­ston West, Hat­ley and Ste. Cather­ine de Hat­ley have also been elected by ac­cla­ma­tion.

How­ever, lit­er­ally dozens of cit­i­zens are vy­ing for po­si­tions as coun­cilors on the many coun­cils around the re­gion. In Austin, Vic­tor Ding­man and Rene Fortin are run­ning for seat no. 1 while Marc Gagnon and Paul Emile Guil­bault are run­ning for seat no. 4. Al­ready elected are mayor Lisette Maillé, in­cum­bents Robert Benoit, An­dré Car­rier and Jean-Claude Duff, and Jean Ranger. In Ayer’s Cliff, Paul Brit­ton and Robert La­coste are run­ning for seat no. 2 while al­ready elected are mayor Alex van Zuiden, in­cum­bents Pa­trick Proulx, Peter McHarg, John Ba­trie and France Coulombe, and new to coun­cil Chris­tian Savoie.

In Barn­ston West, there are many new faces in the coun­cil, all elected with­out con­test. New mayor Johnny Piszar is a for­mer coun­cilor, for­mer mayor Ghis­lain Le­blond has seat no. 6, and in­cum­bent Julie Gre­nier has seat no. 5. Newly elected are Ginette Breault, Ziv Przy­tyk, Vir­ginia Ashby and Nor­mand Vigneau. Elected in Hat­ley along with Mayor De­nis Fer­land are in­cum­bents Chantal Mont­miny, Ni­cole Gin­gras, Eric Ham­mal and Gilles Viens, and newly elected Guy Mas­si­cotte and Lucie Masse.

There are many can­di­dates run­ning in Hat­ley Town­ship with only new mayor Martin Primeau elected by ac­cla­ma­tion. Those can­di­dates are: seat no. 1, Pa­trick Clow­ery, Mia Pas­cale; seat no. 2, Pas­cal Chouiniere, Vin­cent Fon­taine (inc.); seat no. 3, Jac­ques Bo­genez, Jean Pierre La­mon­nier; seat no. 4, Cyn­thia Dion Daigneault, Claude Meilleur (inc.); seat no. 5, Guy Larkin (inc.), Therese Morin, David Wright; seat no. 6, Mikael Auger, Sylvie Cas­sar (inc.).

In the Bor­ough of Len­noxville, only Linda Boulanger has been elected by ac­cla­ma­tion as Bor­ough coun­cilor of the Up­lands Dis­trict. In­cum­bent David Price is run­ning against Ni­co­las Balasi and JeanGuy Dor­val for the po­si­tion of City coun­cilor for the Len­noxville Bor­ough. Claude Char­ron and Steve A. Coté are run­ning for the po­si­tion of Bor­ough coun­cilor of the Fairview Dis­trict of the Bor­ough of Len­noxville.

In North Hat­ley, be­sides the two-way race for the mayor’s seat be­tween in­cum­bent Michael Page and John Gro­nan, in­cum­bent Michael Dud­geon is fight­ing with Marcelle Davis Ger­rish and Michael Grayson to re­gain seat no. 2; in­cum­bent Dara Jane Loomis is run­ning against Claude Vil­leneuve for seat no. 5; and in­cum­bent Ger­ald Os­tiguy is run­ning against Alain Beaulieu for seat no. 6. In­cum­bents Michael Munnkit­trick and Carol Haller have been re-elected and Pauline Far­ru­gia has been elected for the first time to seat no. 1.

In Og­den, the only mem­bers of the pre­vi­ous coun­cil who are in this elec­tion are both run­ning for mayor: Michael Sud­low (pre­vi­ous coun­cilor) and Lise Routhier ( in­cum­bent mayor). How­ever, many of the can­di­dates, in­clud­ing for­mer mayor Joe Stairs who is run­ning for seat no. 1 against Pierre Chiasson, do have pre­vi­ous mu­nic­i­pal ex­pe­ri­ence. Also run­ning are: seat no. 2, Anne Ba­trie, Jean Roy; seat no.

3, Alain Car­rier, Norma Gene Cau­chon; seat no. 4, Josee Dumes­nil, Robert Le­brun; seat no. 5, Philippe Dan­ton, Richard Roy, Han­nah Se­vack; and seat no. 6, Sylvie Le­feb­vre, Lise Rousseau.

In Pot­ton, only new­comer Michael Laplume was elected to seat no. 6 while six­teen other cit­i­zens are vy­ing for po­si­tions on coun­cil. In­cum­bent mayor Jac­ques Mar­coux is run­ning against Louis Veil­lon for his old job. Also in the race are: seat no. 1, in­cum­bent Michael Cyr, An­dre Ducharme and Marie Paule Vil­leneuve; seat no. 2, Bruno Coté, Diane Ryp­in­ski Mar­coux (inc.); seat no. 3, Michel Daigneault (inc.), Ed­ward Mierzwin­ski; seat no. 4, Gae­tan Giguere, Claude Primeau, Edith Smeesters, Alexis Sto­gowski; seat no. 5, Alex Bechard, Jac­ques He­bert (inc.), Pierre Pouliot.

In the town of Stanstead, only two seats are be­ing con­tested. Rol­lande Rouleau and Serge Tougas are run­ning for seat no. 2 while AJ Bedard and Robert Dubois are run­ning for seat no. 5. Al­ready elected are in­cum­bent mayor Philippe Du­til and in­cum­bent coun­cilors Guy Ouellet, Wayne Strat­ton and Paul Stuart. Newly elected by ac­cla­ma­tion to seat no. 4 was Frances Bo­nen­fant. In Stanstead Town­ship, elected by ac­cla­ma­tion are: seat no. I Pier­reMartineau; seat no. 2, Gae­tane Gau­dreau Lan­glois (inc.); seat no. 3, Janet Cooper; and seat no 5, Dany Brodeur. Be­sides the three mayoral can­di­dates, Francine Caron Mark­well, Therese McCutcheon and Stephane Pouliot, run­ning for seat no. 4 are Ge­orge Charles Atkin and Terry Loucks, and for seat no. 6, Gas­ton Blain and Chris­tian La­porte (inc.).

And fi­nally, in Water­ville, there are no less than twenty-three can­di­dates. The fol­low­ing cit­i­zens are run­ning: mayor, Vin­cent Dionne, Nathalie Dupuis, Clif­ford Reed; seat 1, Nor­mand Cabana, An­toine Dea­con (inc.), Stephane Pelo­quin, Youri Pi­nard; seat 2, Gae­tan Lafond, Michel La­mon­tagne; seat 3, Tra­cie Bac­hand, Martin He­bertt, Karl Hunt­ing, Marc Morin; seat 4, Gor­don Bar­nett (inc.), Gilles Goulet, Chantal Len­non; seat 5, De­nis Berg­eron, Jas­min Chabot, Gilles Charest, Daniele Li­zotte; seat 6, Ca­role Chassé, Yvon Foucher, Danny Nu­gent.

The vot­ing takes place on Novem­ber 3rd.

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Al­most 100 cit­i­zens at­tended the meet­ing of the can­di­dates run­ning in Water­ville that was held at the Water­ville Com­mu­nity Cen­tre last Thurs­day evening. Fif­teen of the twenty-three can­di­dates were there to an­swer ques­tions and share their vi­sions for the fu­ture of the town. Peo­ple who were un­able to at­tend can visit the town com­mu­nity cen­tre’s web­site to hear ex­tracts of the au­dio pre­sen­ta­tions.

Photo Stanstead Jour­nal

Stanstead Town­ship res­i­dents lined up to ask the can­di­dates ques­tions at the pub­lic meet­ing last Satur­day.

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