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Soon,if some saner heads don’t pre­vail, Sher­brooke will have only one news­pa­per left. No, the Record is not fold­ing; it’s the French daily La Tri­bune that will soon dis­ap­pear! In print, to be some­what re­placed by a tab on LaPresse +, the no­ble ex­per­i­ment in sui­cide that the own­ers are go­ing through right now.

Luck­ily, most of you don’t watch much French tele­vi­sion or lis­ten to ra­dio in French. For the last year, those who do have been bom­barded with ads, all say­ing that those who buy the print copy of LaPresse and the other news­pa­per of the chain were dumb to fork over their money when the elec­tronic edi­tion of the flag­ship news­pa­per was avail­able for free, early in the morn­ing, be­ing down­loaded to your tablet, the IPad first and for the last cou­ple of weeks, on An­droid. In the for­mer case, not all tablets are sup­ported.

Mind you, you will get an en­hanced ex­pe­ri­ence, with fly­ing graph­ics, sure win­ners in any News­pa­per of the year dig­i­tal cat­e­gory. News? That’s the real and hon­est ques­tion. In what busi­ness are we in? Is it con­tent? That fad­dish fad ex­pres­sion that is no longer in vogue af­ter be­ing used for years. Con­ver­gence? The mag­i­cal think­ing that if you had a news­pa­per, a tele­vi­sion sta­tion, a ra­dio sta­tion, sud­denly they would all merge to­gether into a sin­gle chan­nel, a ‘por­tal’ to a new world of in­for­ma­tion.

Ad­ver­tis­ers, who must rely on data, are not so kind about spend­ing their clients’ money on the web. Sure, if they know that you are in the mar­ket to buy a car, are able to spirit the ge­o­graphic data of your cell phone legally by hav­ing you in­stall an app that shows where you are all the time, that said data show­ing that you pass in front of a deal­er­ship daily, then they will gladly pay for an ad. It’s Ge­orge Or­well’s 1984, but 30 years late.

You see, dear read­ers, this has been go­ing on for years, back in the last century when a young Ge­orge Gallup teamed up with David Ogilvy. Gallup in­vented the polling and sur­vey busi­ness and Ogilvy is con­sid­ered the fa­ther of mod­ern ad­ver­tis­ing. If you watch Mad Men, you will see a lot of the world of Ogilvy when his agency was in its hey­day. So, if an ad­ver­tiser puts an ad in a news­pa­per, he can mea­sure the re­turn of his ex­pense. Same in tele­vi­sion, ra­dio, bill­board. Ev­ery­thing can be mea­sured.

Still, ad­ver­tis­ing agencies, al­ways at the van­guard of trendi­ness, are shy­ing away from web ad­ver­tis­ing. Yes, they spend more, as they should and did when ra­dio and tele­vi­sion came along, but not to the ex­tent that they should ac­cord­ing to the pun­dits. The top 10 news sites are all bleed­ing money by the way. Don’t even think of the next 90 and for­get about the oth­ers.

So soon, if you want to have news in the Town­ships, you will have to do so in English.

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