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One of the trea­sures of the Town­ships is the fact that we have two univer­si­ties. In fact, pro­por­tion­ally, we have more higher learn­ing in­sti­tu­tions than most re­gions in North Amer­ica.

So it is fit­ting that, on Satur­day, we flock to Bishop’s Univer­sity to root ei­ther for the Gaiters or the Vert & Or in the an­nual Mayor’s Cup, maybe with an ad­van­tage for the Gaitors.

But the Mayor’s Cup should be­come a re­gional af­fair. Be­cause the re­al­ity is that Bishop’s is a small univer­sity that needs the support that the Univer­sité de She­brooke can of­fer it and that only a con­certed ef­fort by all or­gan­i­sa­tions can help both univer­si­ties. So, rather than be­ing the Mayor of Sher­brooke Cup, it should be­come the May­ors’ Cup. Mu­nic­i­pal­i­ties could pitch in by hir­ing mem­bers of the foot­ball team.

Univer­si­ties are strange beasts, we see them through our own lens, mainly as ed­u­ca­tional. But they are more than this. For the Town­ships’ An­glo­phone com­mu­nity, Bishop’s is an es­sen­tial com­po­nent. With­out a Univer­sity, the com­mu­nity would slowly die, un­able to keep its young and bright­est here. Cham­plain Col­lege would be one of the first to go; as a main feeder for Bishop’s, it keeps high school grad­u­ates in the re­gion. Hav­ing lost its in­tel­lec­tu­als, Town­ship­pers would just be another mi­nor­ity lan­guage statis­tic.

We’ve ar­gued, time and time again, that the pres­ence of the Town­ship­pers as­sured the ex­is­tence of the An­glo­phone com­mu­nity in Que­bec. We are not a majority any­where in l’Estrie. Be­cause of that we tend to choose our fights care­fully and, we must agree, that we win almost all of them. We MUST be rea­son­able, not so in the West Is­land or in parts of the Gatineau. Be­ing rea­son­able means that, apart from a few, Fran­co­phones lis­ten to us and back our de­mands almost all the time. And what is good for the Town­ship­pers is good for all English Que­beck­ers.

But to ar­gue about our de­mands, we need peo­ple who can ar­tic­u­late them, this is what in­tel­lec­tu­als are all about and this is what univer­si­ties are about. They are places where you can re­search a sub­ject and ar­tic­u­late a view­point that can be ar­gued. They are much less of an ivory tower than some like to call them, the most es­o­teric re­search done at a univer­sity more of­ten than not gives way to highly prac­ti­cal ideas.

So we need Bishop’s and we need stu­dents there, and we also need some so­lace for the poor foot­ball team that is less than stel­lar this year.

So we in­vite all of you to come out to Coul­ter Field, on Satur­day. Game starts at one.

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