Sher­brooke re­vises an­i­mal con­trol reg­u­la­tions

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Sher­brooke’s city coun­cil pre­sented a new by-law on Mon­day which will be adopted on Novem­ber 17th and then put into ef­fect on Jan­uary 1st, 2015. This re­vi­sion of the ex­ist­ing by-law was deemed nec­es­sary after an anal­y­sis of the sit­u­a­tion by the Ser­vice des af­faires ju­ridiques, the So­ci­ete pro­tec­trice des an­i­maux (SPA) and oth­ers.

The new rules state that when an­i­mals are out­side of the home (ex­cept cats), they must be on a leash and in an en­clo­sure or en­closed yard, ex­cept when they are un­der the surveil­lance of their owner. In a pub­lic place they must al­ways be on a leash, un­less they are not al­lowed in the area or there is a spe­cial pub­lic event go­ing on. Th­ese new rules ap­ply to dogs, cats and rep­tiles.

The to­tal num­ber of cats and dogs in a home is still at four, how­ever, a per­mit can be is­sued to some­one who wants to adopt up to ten cats, as long as they stay inside the home or in an out­side en­clo­sure. Re­gard­less of the num­ber of cats in a home, they all have to be neutered ex­cept one. Other stip­u­la­tions have been added, such as not leav­ing a dog alone for more than 24 hours, the min­i­mum size of an out­door en­clo­sure, and not leav­ing an an­i­mal tied for more than twelve hours over a twenty-four hour pe­riod.

There is a new sec­tion on dan­ger­ous dogs. In fu­ture, a dan­ger­ous dog will need to be eu­th­a­nized while oth­ers may be sub­ject to more se­vere guide­lines.

Rep­tiles that are up to two me­tres long must be kept in cap­tiv­ity at all times.

The penal­ties for break­ing the new by-law will vary be­tween $50 and $1000.

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