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Bad luck is fol­low­ing Stanstead’s quest for new wells. Al­ready $71,222.90 has been spent on find­ing wa­ter near the in­dus­trial park, all ef­forts lead­ing nowhere, most with a bright out­look when the drilling starts. One well pro­duced a hop­ping 600 gal­lons a minute, only to be re­jected for a high con­tent of man­ganese, another one soon started pump­ing more sand than wa­ter, burn­ing a cou­ple of pumps in the process. So, coun­cil ap­proved another twenty thou­sand to Lafor­est Nova

Aqua to con­tinue the search for the Holy Grail, a safe and se­cure wa­ter sup­ply. Need­less to say, only well wa­ter is ac­cept­able. That an almost bot­tom­less lake is a cou­ple of miles away, that a river crosses our town, is never taken into ac­count. Mean­while, the Beebe wells, dug at a cost of over a mil­lion, are shut down defini­tively since Jan­uary 1st. Their ar­senic con­tent is not pass­ing to­day’s norms and, not only that, the wells are pro­duc­ing a lot less wa­ter. We will re­mem­ber that an en­gi­neer­ing firm was vouch­ing that this site would pro­vide us with wa­ter for years to come, said en­gi­neer­ing firm hav­ing con­ve­niently for­got­ten to check Amer­i­can reg­u­la­tions when it did work for the In­ter­na­tional Wa­ter Company, which, as the name im­plies, pro­vides wa­ter to both Cana­dian and Amer­i­can cit­i­zens. The Que­bec stan­dards have been used in the USA for over a decade and were known when the project was started. But then Que­bec’s en­gi­neers are the best in the world at si­phon­ing money from tax­pay­ers, not find­ing wa­ter or, for that mat­ter, do­ing any­thing right; another story al­ready cov­ered by Mrs. Char­bon­neau’s com­mis­sion whose re­port we are await­ing soon.

For those who may not be aware, UPAC, the spe­cial bri­gade in charge of cor­rup­tion, has a toll-free num­ber: 1 844 541-UPAC (8722). Just a hint.

Other business on the agenda, that sailed smoother than a boat on Lake Mem­phrem­a­gog on a sunny sum­mer day, said lake hav­ing a cou­ple of mil­lion cu­bic me­ters of wa­ter, shall we re­mind all, in­cluded a man­date to de­fend the Town in a case against some­one who broke some SPA rules. As we went to press, the town has not been able to pro­vide us with the amount of the lawyer fees from Monty Sylvestre, in the last case. Need­less to say, the amount of the fine will never cover the town’s lawyer’s fees.

And Chris Good­sell and his Fire Depart­ment (almost the name of a band climb­ing the lad­der of suc­cess) will get a new ther­mal cam­era, putting the old one bought over a decade ago into a well-de­served re­tire­ment.

At ques­tion pe­riod, a cit­i­zen asked if the town in­tended to cel­e­brate the Great Fire of 1915. Coun­cil is ask­ing for vol­un­teers to see what could be done.

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