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This­news­pa­per didn’t seem to un­der­stand the sever­ity of world events a cen­tury ago if we read its cov­er­age of the on­set of World War One. Life was go­ing on as it was, for the re­gion it would a pe­riod of some pros­per­ity; Stanstead was still the Horse Whip Cap­i­tal of the Com­mon­wealth and high com­mand still be­lieved that cavalry meant men on horses, not men in tanks. To­day, apart from the tomb­stones, we do not see how a war would bring pros­per­ity to our re­gion.

But we are not at war, only en­gag­ing so called ter­ror groups in the Mid­dle-East, said group hav­ing been called a mere nui­sance with­out trac­tion and ‘real’ fol­low­ing last sum­mer. Less than two hun­dred days ago, not a whole year.

In plainer lan­guage, what this means is that Canada has sol­diers fight­ing ISIL. The L, the in­ter­est­ing part, is for Le­vant; look it up,

it’s not just Syria.

Who, as we all know, is led by the nas­ti­est of butch­ers, Bashar al-As­sad. Enough said. That he is a doc­tor, speaks a cou­ple of lan­guages, that women’s rights in Syria were on top in the Arab world, that mi­nori­ties were well treated, even the re­main­ing Jews, that Sunni and Shi­ites co-ex­isted in peace with Chris­tians, is not to be spo­ken about. He is the bad guy. Enough said.

So, as was the case of the other nasty guy, who more or less had achieved an in­ter­nal equi­lib­rium in his frac­tious coun­try, he must be hanged. Af­ter a fair trial. Which Sad­dam Hus­sein got in Iraq, as we all know.

That Arab lead­ers are not ex­actly great democrats or have a strange view of what we con­sider democ­racy to be is not to be dis­cussed. Still, the Amer­i­cans and Pres­i­dent Harper’s® govern­ment seems to have a rare care of blind­ness when it comes to the re­gion. Saudi Ara­bia, where two women ar­rested for driv­ing were sent to the anti-ter­ror­ist court in De­cem­ber. Let’s for­get about the hu­mane way that Raif Badawi is to re­ceive his one thou­sand lashes, al­ready the benev­o­lent govern­ment of Saudi Ara­bia has post­poned last week’s in­stall­ment of fifty lashes for ‘med­i­cal rea­sons’. No wonder that our For­eign Af­fairs min­is­ter will meet with rep­re­sen­ta­tives of that pro­gres­sive Mus­lim coun­try in the next few weeks. Did we write that the Saudis along with the Qu­ataris have spent bil­lions upon bil­lions over the last decades to pro­mote Is­lam fun­da­men­tal­ism? Their kind, not the bad ones pro­moted by the Ira­ni­ans or their prox­ies, Hezbol­lah top­ping the list. Said ter­ror­ist group now fight­ing ISIL. Don’t even try to make sense of any of this.

As was the case in 1914, where the killing of an arch­duke led the world to… well, to to­day, the first fir­ing of guns by Cana­dian troops is not a good omen. We be­lieve that Par­lia­ment should fur­ther dis­cuss our role there.

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