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degrad­able ma­te­ri­als are thrown in the garbage can, they don’t de­com­pose even when sent to a land­fill site. Ac­tu­ally, a land­fill site, or dump, is a place where garbage ac­cu­mu­lates, not where is de­com­poses. The site is built like a gi­ant, wa­ter­tight pool that we put garbage in. The wa­ter from this pool is con­tam­i­nated and so must be col­lected and treated be­fore be­ing put back into the en­vi­ron­ment.

Be­cause the garbage is ex­tremely com­pacted, there is no oxy­gen and de­com­po­si­tion takes place very slowly and pro­duces meth­ane. We have even found car­rots in a garbage dump site that were prac­ti­cally good enough to eat af­ter ten years! Biodegrad­able ma­te­ri­als at the dump site are con-

demned to en­dure, all the while gen­er­at­ing green­house gases and con­tam­i­nated wa­ter – noth­ing good for the planet. Com­post­ing per­pet­u­ates the Cy­cle of Life

All plant ma­te­ri­als come from the earth. When we com­post, we give back to the earth that which it gave us. Whether it’s through house­hold com­post­ing or industrial com­post­ing, th­ese ma­te­ri­als are trans­formed into rich earth which can then feed the soil and the plants. Since this process takes place in the pres­ence of oxy­gen, it doesn’t pro­duce any meth­ane gas, only car­bon diox­ide.

It is the same process that has been go­ing on in na­ture for mil­len­nia: leaves fall, plants die, they trans­form into hu­mus which en­riches the soil. By com­post­ing, you of­fer the per­fect gift to the Earth!

Ma­te­ri­als ac­cepted in the brown bins: food and ta­ble scraps, in­clud­ing meat, bones and milk prod­ucts, cof­fee fil­ters and tea bags; gar­den refuse like weeds, leaves, plants, small branches, etc.; and dirty pa­pers and card­board, pizza boxes, pa­per plates and cups, ta­ble nap­kins, soiled pa­per table­cloths, dirty pa­per tow­els and Kleenexes.

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