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OnApril 7/15 Golden Rule #13 Odd Fel­lows Lodge wel­comed all who were present for the Of­fi­cial Visi­ta­tion of the Grand Mas­ter of Grand Lodge of Que­bec, Brother Ed Cop­ping.

It was great to see so many gath­ered in this hall, and ev­ery­one had fun chat­ting about the late Spring and how the farm­ers were do­ing try­ing to make the syrup.

Noble Grand, Ron Evans wel­comed ev­ery­one and thanked all for com­ing. He opened the meet­ing “in form” and then asked Con­duc­tor Harold Wil­ley to present the dig­ni­taries of all branches of the Or­der.

Ap­pointive of­fi­cers were Grand Mar­shal, Joyce Cop­ping, and Grand Chap­lain, Fran­cis Healey.

Elec­tive Of­fi­cers were Grand Mas­ter, Brother Ed Cop­ping, from Sher­brooke, Deputy Grand Mas­ter, Brother Arnold MacKeage, from Stanstead, Grand Sec­re­tary, Wil­helm Lo­ken, from Trois-Rivieres, and Dis­trict Deputy Grand Mas­ter #5, Sis­ter Dorothy Bab­bin-Houle, from Coat­i­cook. Dorothy is also Con­duc­tor of the Re­bekah As­sem­bly of Que­bec.

From the Re­bekah As­sem­bly of Que­bec-Vice-Pres­i­dent, Sis­ter Ernes­tine Whip­ple, from Stanstead, and Sec­re­tary, Sis­ter Nancy Bar­ton, from Sher­brooke.

All Grand lodge and Re­bekah As­sem­bly Of­fi­cers were greeted and re­ceived “The Honours” from War­den of Golden Rule, Robert MacKeage, who was re­cently re-in­stated to Golden Rule.

Ron asked all dig­ni­taries to speak and the sen­ti­ments were ba­si­cally the same, thank­ing this lodge for all cour­te­sies, and ex­tend­ing con­grat­u­la­tions to Ron for a fine meet­ing.

The Meet­ing closed “in form” and then it was what all were wait­ing for-the de­li­cious lunch put out for all to en­joy.

Many thanks to all who pre­pared this for us.

Ernes­tine Whip­ple Happy Birth­day, Bonne Fête, Alles Gutes zum Geburt­stag!

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