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It­didn’t take long for the non-ex­ist­ing Péladeau ef­fect that the Lib­er­als were still pitch­ing last week to re­veal it­self as a fan­tasy.

Re­al­ity is back. The PQ is tak­ing the lead by a wide mar­gin and the in­de­pen­dence move­ment jumped by 10 points.

And among Fran­co­phones, the Yes side is at 51%. As for the Lib­er­als, they are nowhere to be seen in fran­co­phone rid­ings. And the PQ has three and a half years of the Couil­lard bum­bling regime in front of them.

That the Lib­er­als are in panic mode, spin­ning any ca­nard as they can is al­most fod­der for any co­me­dian. For­get the al­most, is fod­der for any co­me­dian. Po­lit­i­cal jokes, gone for al­most ten years, are now back in the reper­toire of most Que­bec comics.

And, lo and be­hold, the Libs are now anti-busi­ness! And tak­ing page af­ter page from the com­mu­nist Québec Sol­idaire pro­gram, in­clud­ing a newly found at­trac­tion on con­trol­ling the press, not seen since the Lesage gov­ern­ment fifty years ago. Even the PQ saw fit not to in­ter­vene when Power Cor­po­ra­tion bought what was left of the French pa­per owned by Con­rad Black a decade or so ago. But now, the morally in­clined Couil­lard gov­ern­ment has de­cided that Péladeau can­not own his me­dia com­pany be­cause, re­frain your laugh­ter, there is too much me­dia con­cen­tra­tion with his own­er­ship of Que­becor.

Noth­ing short of the im­pos­si­ble would sat­isfy the Lib’s point man, Jean-Marc Fournier: Sell the com­pany or re­sign as an MNA and, while we are at it, from the face of the planet. Even bring­ing the full force of a Par­lia­men­tary Com­mis­sion to force for­ever suc­cess­ful busi­ness­men, es­pe­cially those who are also suc­cess­ful in pol­i­tics, to stay where they be­long: HOME.

Not only that, the party that elected the first woman in the then As­sem­blée Leg­isla­tive has de­cided that the spouses of politi­cians should not get any tax breaks re­lated to what they do. This gov­ern­ment must be stuck in a ‘Mad Men’ world, with Couil­lard as ‘Fa­ther Knows Best.’ Need­less to say, the woman in ques­tion is the wife of said Péladeau. And it doesn’t fly well with the Fran­co­phones, once again.

If the Lib­er­als are un­able to cor­rect the course over the sum­mer and they come back to Que­bec City with the same at­ti­tude in the fall, then they will be in free fall, as was the Ber­trand gov­ern­ment of the late six­ties. It had a ma­jor­ity, may we re­mind some. Then, re­mem­ber Bill 63?

When you have the one and only Fournier say­ing that the best pro­tec­tion for Fran­co­phones right now is in Canada, you won­der if he has ever set foot in Ottawa.

But there is a sil­ver lining to all of this. The new leader of the PQ took enor­mous care to speak in English in his ac­cep­tance speech last Fri­day. For the Parti Que­be­cois it is a first since the cou­ple of words that René Lévesque usu­ally spoke once in a while.

So, rather than go­ing along with the Lib­eral bandwagon, the An­glo­phone com­mu­nity would be wise to open gates with the new leader and en­gage in dis­cus­sion with him.

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