The Lan­guage Po­lice at it again or not?

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de Pon­tiac has got­ten the news that now, English news must be ‘Selma like’, at the end of the bus, sorry, the end of the pa­per.

This is an­other twist in the al­ways strange be­hav­iour of the Of­fice de la langue française ev­ery time a new gov­ern­ment takes of­fice. Re­mem­ber the Ital­ian menu that haunted the Marois gov­ern­ment?

Only pure im­be­ciles or sabo­teurs would in­dulge in stu­pidi­ties like th­ese.

And they must be told right away by the Gov­ern­ment that this is un­ac­cept­able.

Like it or not, the lin­guis­tic peace rests on a strong Of­fice, not a dumb one. When the French ma­jor­ity of the Prov­ince feels that the French lan­guage and the Québé­cois cul­ture is pro­tected, sup­port for in­de­pen­dence stagnates.

And when a Péquiste gov­ern­ment tries to stretch the en­ve­lope, the Québé­cois show their dis­ap­proval.

So one won­ders from whose twisted mind comes the lat­est dik­tat that from now on, in bilin­gual news­pa­pers, a ne­ces­sity in some re­gions, English goes to the back.

Who­ever con­cocted this idea is ig­no­rant at best or some­one who is bent on shut­ting down the Of­fice.

If he or she is an ig­no­ra­mus, then send him or her back to school and let him or her reap­ply in the fu­ture.

If the idea is to shut down the Of­fice, then why not hold a ref­er­en­dum right away. Sim­ple ques­tion: Do you want to abol­ish all pro­tec­tion for the French lan­guage in Que­bec? With a sim­ple prom­ise by the Couil­lard gov­ern­ment, if the No side wins, we re­sign.

That Bill 101 needs a dust­ing is ac­cepted by all and dreaded by most.

But as the new PQ leader an­swered dur­ing one of the de­bates when he was asked if he wanted to re­draw the labour code, bet­ter leave what is highly un­per­fected alone; if one side asks for some­thing, the other will ask for some­thing else. Open­ing the lin­guis­tic can of worms is a lose- lose propo­si­tion.

Still, the Pon­tiac Jour­nal sit­u­a­tion makes the OLF a joke, once again.

The prece­dent is the Nightlife ‘mag­a­zine’ pub­lished ‘bilin­gually’ a cou­ple of years ago. It was an ‘ad­ver­tis­ing’ ve­hi­cle for clubs in Mon­treal who for years have been try­ing to get rid of lan­guage re­quire­ments which ‘hurt’ their ‘busi­ness’. As if a ‘tourist’ to Mon­treal is com­ing here to be in an ‘English’ en­vi­ron­ment. Then again, they are the same ‘busi­ness peo­ple’ who com­plained that the loss of the Grand Prix a cou­ple of years ago was destroying their busi­nesses and killing the ‘erotic dance’ in­dus­try! It could be a com­edy sketch if it weren’t true. Nightlife was printed on glossy stock, at maybe more than a dollar an is­sue to print. We are far from the Ryan fam­ily-owned Pon­tiac Jour­nal. They make a living, but don’t drive Rolls-Royces.

So the OLF should hold ‘con­sul­ta­tions’ soon to draft reg­u­la­tions that make sense and dis­tin­guish be­tween ‘ad­ver­tis­ing’ fly­ers dis­guised as ‘mag­a­zines’ or news­pa­pers and real ones.

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