Coat­i­cook clean-up con­tin­ues

Stanstead Journal - - FRONT PAGE - Vic­to­ria Vanier, Coat­i­cook

The town of Coat­i­cook is still clean­ing up af­ter last Tues­day night’s heavy rains which caused the Coat­i­cook River and the Pratt Creek to flood, wash­ing away cars, roads and forc­ing some res­i­dents to evac­u­ate their homes. The town of Comp­ton was also hit by the flood­ing which af­fected all the roads lead­ing to the town and forced some res­i­dents to head to the Town Hall for

emer­gency shel­ter for fear of land­slides.

The com­bi­na­tion of the strength of the down­pour, 83 mil­lime­ters in just a few hours, and de­bris such as trees and pieces of wood build­ing up un­der the bridge, caused the Pratt Creek to over­flow once again, flood­ing down­town streets and busi­nesses along Child Street. One car was swept into the mid­dle of the Coat­i­cook River and its driver had to be res­cued by the town’s fire­fight­ers. About twenty Coat­i­cook streets or roads will need re­pairs, in­clud­ing ma­jor re­pairs on the fol­low­ing: Per­reault, Comp­ton, de la Bruere, La­fond, Les­sard, Boivin, Le­houx, Thorn­ton, Cut­ting, An­drews and Barn­ston. The town ex­pects that the closed roads will all be open within two weeks and that the work will be fin­ished by the end of July. The work is es­ti­mated at be­tween $300,000 and half a mil­lion, although new prob­lems are be­ing found daily.

The ma­jor roads that were closed due to the flood­ing in­cluded part of Route 147, be­tween Coat­i­cook and Comp­ton and Comp­ton and Water­ville; the 208 be­tween Comp­ton and Mart­inville and Comp­ton and Hatley; the 251 be­tween Mart­inville and Johnville; the 108 be­tween the Capel­ton Road and the Mas­saw­ippi River Bridge.

Res­i­dents that were af­fected by the flood­ing were able to meet with rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the Min­istry of Public Se­cu­rity on Mon­day at the Coat­i­cook Town Hall. They were en­cour­aged to hear that the gov­ern­ment will re­im­burse 80 % of the dam­ages suf­fered by home­own­ers but they must ap­ply to the pro­gram within a month. Busi­nesses that were af­fected will re­ceive money rep­re­sent­ing 75% of their ma­te­rial dam­ages and money to carry out re­pair work. There is no gov­ern­ment money for busi­ness lost

Photo Vic­to­ria Vanier

This car, in down­town Coat­i­cook, was stuck in deep mud af­ter the Pratt Creek flood­ing.

Photo Vic­to­ria Vanier

Chunks of road, such as in this photo taken along route 141 near the Sureté du Que­bec sta­tion, washed away af­ter the heavy rain­fall in the Coat­i­cook area last week.

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