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Stanstead Journal - - NEWS - Vic­to­ria Vanier, Mem­phré­m­a­gog

The Pair Pro­gram is a free ser­vice, es­pe­cially cre­ated for se­niors liv­ing alone, that pro­vides daily, au­to­matic phone calls to its sub­scribers at spe­cific times. When those calls are an­swered, the pro­gram knows that the per­son is fine, but if the call goes unan­swered, the pro­gram au­to­mat­i­cally calls a des­ig­nated neigh­bor to go and check on the per­son. On the rare oc­ca­sions when the neigh­bor can­not be reached, the Pair pro­gram calls the po­lice.

That’s ex­actly what hap­pened a few years ago to Sergeant Claude LeBel, a pa­troller at the time with the Mem­phrem­a­gog post of the Sureté du Québec. “We re­ceived the call in the morn­ing to go and check the oc­cu­pant of a house in Can­ton Hatley. An el­derly man was not an­swer­ing his phone, and his neigh­bor was out work­ing in his field. We went straight to the house, ar­riv--

ing at the same time as another po­lice car from the other di­rec­tion,” ex­plained Sgt. LeBel.

No- one an­swered the door when the of­fi­cers knocked, even though they could hear a tele­vi­sion play­ing. They tried the door, but it was locked, so they fi­nally had to force it open. “On the sec­ond floor, we found a man in his eight­ies who was bleed­ing a lot, sit­ting on his bed with a bro­ken phone be­side him. He was just star­ing at the wall and, when we spoke to him, he wasn’t mak­ing much sense at first,” said the of­fi­cer.

The se­nior, who was tak­ing anti-co­ag­u­lant medicine for a heart con­di­tion, had fallen and was bleed­ing badly. “He didn’t want to go to the hos­pi­tal at first so I joked with him a lit­tle, ask­ing him if he had been play­ing hockey. He started to come around and make more sense, and then he agreed to go to the hos­pi­tal and the am­bu­lance ar­rived. When he was leav­ing to get into the am­bu­lance he told me ‘Thank you very much – you’re a good guy’,” added Sgt. LeBel.

Not only was the gen­tle­man who had be­come hurt thank­ful, so was his fam­ily. If you are a se­nior liv­ing alone, why not give your­self and your loved ones a lit­tle ex­tra peace of mind by sub­scrib­ing to the free Pair Pro­gram. It is avail­able ev­ery­where on the ter­ri­tory of the Mem­phrem­a­gog MRC. To register or to get more in­for­ma­tion about the Pair Pro­gram, you can call your Vol­un­teer Cen­tre (CAB RH Rediker, CAB de Ma­gog, CAB Mis­sisquoi Nord), or call the Regie de Po­lice Mem­phrem­a­gog at

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