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OnAu­gust 12th, 2015, The Stanstead County Women's In­sti­tute met for their sum­mer meet­ing in the County tea room on the Ayer's Cliff fair grounds, with nine mem­bers and one guest present. Pres­i­dent Dyanne Saanum opened the meet­ing at 10:30 am with a warm welcome to ev­ery­one. The Col­lect was re­peated in uni­son. The Roll Call was an­swered by one mem­ber from Ayer's Cliff, one mem­ber from Hatley Cen­tre and seven mem­bers from Hatley-Stanstead. Two mem­bers sent their re­grets. We had one guest, Janet in­vited her grand­son Jake Simp­son to join us. As Deb­bie was not present the min­utes of the last meet­ing were not read. Cor­re­spon­dence: Dyanne read a note from Mar­cil Branch, in Shi­gawake, Qc. con­grat­u­lat­ing us on our 100th an­niver­sary and in­clud­ing a nice gift. A let­ter was also re­ceived from Pierre Reid's of­fice with a gen­er­ous do­na­tion. Dyanne has sent thank you cards to both. Phyl­lis pre­sented and ex­plained the Trea­sur­ers Re­port,. Phyl­lis moved her re­port, this was sec­ond by Janet McLel­lan. All in favour- car­ried. Ex­penses for the an­niver­sary party were pre­sented, and paid. Thank you ladies for your ex­tra ef­forts that made our an­niver­sary such a suc­cess. Dyanne spoke about what a great party we had and that she is still re­ceiv­ing many com­pli­ments from guests who had at­tended. Con­venor Re­ports: Phyl read her Agri­cul­ture Re­port, ti­tled "Horses and Sports at the 2015 Pan Am Games, talk­ing about Colleen Loach who is from our area. She rode Qorry Blue D'Ar­gouges for a Bronze medal. There was no Health & Com­mu­nity Re­ports or pub­lic­ity as the mem­bers were ab­sent. Ed­u­ca­tion was given by Barb He­witt. Barb sug­gested we give our school fam­i­lies help, by do­nat­ing to our county schools, money for back to school sup­plies. Jackie Til­ton moved, sec­ond by Irene Humphrey to ac­cept these re­ports as read. All in favour, car­ried. Bar­bara spoke about the Time Line she wants to put around the walls in the tea room for the fair. Elaine and Phyl­lis will give her a hand. Bar­bara men­tioned an Art Gallery on Hatley Road. It would be a nice place to visit. This month it was fea­tur­ing many in­ter­est­ing old Post Cards. New Busi­ness: Get­ting back to the school sup­plies for our An­niver­sary Pro­ject. It was de­cided that we do­nate a sum of money to each of the four lo­cal schools in our County, that once took part in the Stanstead County School Fair. Also two Spe­cial Prizes at the lo­cal fair, as a one­time ges­ture, it was de­cided to give the Ladies Dept. $25.00 to be given dur­ing the fair as a Spe­cial by the Stanstead County Women's In­sti­tute. Also $25.00 will be given to the Hor­ti­cul­ture Build­ing for a Spe­cial by the Stanstead County Women's In­sti­tute, to be given to any­one at the di­rec­tors dis­cre­tion. The above was moved by Barb He­witt, sec­ond by Jackie Til­ton All were in favour. Car­ried on Septem­ber 17th, Hatley-Stanstead will host the fall County meet­ing. It will be held this time in the Tea Room so all can view the Time Line and be a cen­tral meet­ing place for our in­vited guests. Mem­bers to ar­rive at 10 a.m., guests to ar­rive at 11 a.m., pre­sen­ta­tion will take place at 11:15 a.m., view the Time Line and lunch will be served at 11:30 with the County meet­ing to fol­low at 1 p.m. Janet had brought in a box of ar­chives, Stanstead County Let­ter Head sta­tionery and other mem­o­bilia to be kept by the county. These had been re­moved from their cup­board in North Hatley. Fair W.I. County Tea Room: Hours were set for 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., with Hatley Cen­tre work­ing on Fri­day, Hat­leyS­tanstead work­ing on Satur­day and Ayer's Cliff work­ing on Sun­day. Dyanne will take care of the tea room sup­plies. Deb­bie will look af­ter the cof­fee. Bar­bara moved, sec­ond by Janet we give Stanstead County Agri­cul­ture So­ci­ety $100 for passes for W I mem­bers work­ing in the Tea Room. Also $50 to the Ladies Depart­ment and $24 for chil­dren's art prizes. The meet­ing closed about 12:30 p.m. with Ayer's Cliff host Dyanne serv­ing a de­li­cious lun­cheon. Dyanne did a great job. Af­ter Grace was said we all en­joyed a de­light­ful lunch. Next County meet­ing set for Septem­ber 17th at 10 a.m., host Hatley-Stanstead at the Tea Room in Ayer's Cliff.

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