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One­hun­dred and sev­enty-one years ago, LeRoy Robin­son had al­ready set the type for a large part of the first is­sue of this news­pa­per that he would pub­lish on Novem­ber 5th 1845. As the first is­sue can­didly ad­mit­ted on the verso pages, which would be page 2 and 3, the pub­lisher learned, while set­ting the sec­ond page, that a new plan would have to be de­vised to col­lect sub­scrip­tion money.

Robin­son’s op­er­a­tion was thread bare. He and maybe an ap­pren­tice, as he had been, did not have the lux­ury of a Lino­type, which was 40 years in the fu­ture. So the first is­sue that we still have in our of­fice is a re­minder that we have it easy to­day.

This news­pa­per has sur­vived a lot and it looks like it will sur­vive even more in the months to come. While the num­ber of tablets sold is slid­ing mad, Que­bec’s fore­most daily and its re­gional sib­lings are go­ing full ahead with their plan to cease pub­lish­ing on pa­per to be­come a tab­news. An un­stain­able busi­ness model like Post­media, owner of the Montreal Gazette, re­cently re­al­ized that the ad­ver­tis­ing did not come for­ward to pay the bills and shut down that ser­vice.

This news­pa­per ex­ists only be­cause you buy it and you pa­tron­ize our ad­ver­tis­ers. And we need more of both, but so does ev­ery news­pa­per on the planet.

So if you know some­one who is not sub­scrib­ing yet, that’s the time to spread the good news. And al­ways, please, tell an ad­ver­tiser that you saw his ad in the Stanstead Jour­nal.

That sales pitch con­cluded, and you should see the sim­i­lar­ity be­tween this one and what LeRoy Robin­son was writ­ing 171 years ago, we must re­mind you of what we are and are not.

We are not a pub­lic com­pany able to spend our an­nual bud­get a cou­ple of times over on tax dodges ad­vised by lawyers and fis­cal­ists. Then again, Rev­enue Canada has not as­sessed us at over forty five mil­lion, either, or more or less two-thirds of our value on the Toronto Stock Ex­change if we were listed there. Don’t worry, it’s pub­lic knowl­edge for all to see, we won’t get sued.

We do not try to stray from what we are. We are a small lo­cal weekly com­mu­nity news­pa­per in the tra­di­tional sense. We be­lieve that we pro­vide you with a bal­anced view of this com­mu­nity. We are a tra­di­tion that has lasted for over one hun­dred and sev­enty one years.

While we are not liv­ing is­sue to is­sue, we de­pend on you for the well-be­ing of this news­pa­per. So, as we con­clude our last is­sue for our one hun­dred and sev­en­ti­eth year, we would re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate it if you could spread a good word or two to your friends and rel­a­tives.

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