An­nual Mas­sachusetts Re­bekah As­sem­bly and Grand Lodge Ses­sion

Stanstead Journal - - CLASSIFIEDS - Mil­ford, MA

OnJune 6, 2015 Pres­i­dent of the Re­bekah As­sem­bly and Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Que­bec, along with As­sem­bly Mar­shal, and chauf­feur trav­elled to Mil­ford, Mass. for the An­nual Ses­sions of Mass. It was a great trip down and we ar­rived Fri., af­ter­noon. Ernes­tine Whip­ple, Pres­i­dent; Grand Master Arnold MacKeage, and As­sem­bly Mar­shal Dorothy Bab­bin, and JP Houle, all ar­rived in time to set­tle in and get ready for the Ban­quet. Prior to the Ban­quet many chat­ted and Ernes­tine had the plea­sure of chat­ting with IARA Past Pres. Gail Weather­head who had at­tended Ernes­tine’s Ses­sions in 1994. The Ban­quet was very good and in­ter­est­ing as to the re­cep­tion of Of­fi­cers and guest speak­ers. A mother of a young Army Vet who came home from ser­vice in Iraq only to com­mit sui­cide - a sad but com­mon oc­cur­rence. A col­lec­tion was taken to sup­port her cause to make oth­ers aware of what hap­pens too of­ten. On Sat., a.m. Re­bekah Ses­sions were opened as usual. At one point the Pres­i­dents of the vis­it­ing Ju­ris­dic­tions and of Mass. vis­ited the Grand Lodge where they were roy­ally re­ceived and ex­tended “greet­ings” then also got gifts. All vis­it­ing Pres­i­dents were asked to speak about their Pro­gram and ex­tend “Greet­ings” and ex­change gifts. A fun thing was all Pres­i­dents lined up with one start­ing to sit on a chair then each Pres. sit­ting on the lap of the one be­hind her-quite a lineup. Af­ter Ses­sions the Que­be­cers headed home and that was also a good trip. Thanks to our good chauf­feur JP. Also many thanks to all who made this hap­pen.

Ernes­tine Whip­ple

JP Houle. From left to right;


From Mass all of the ladies sit­ting on each other’s laps.

Arnold MacKeage, Ernes­tine Whip­ple.

From left to right; Arnold MacKeage, Dorothy Bab­bin and

From left to right; Ernes­tine Whip­ple and Gail Weather­head be­fore the Ban­quet.

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