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should act soon, be­fore Don­ald Trump gets elected pres­i­dent of the Re­pub­lic South of the bor­der and builds his North­ern Wall, to try to get to this re­gion, Stanstead to North Hat­ley, our fair share of the Syr­ian refugees.

one in a bil­io­n­ium year pro­ject that the Repub­li­can fron­trun­ner is in favour of would bring full em­ploy­ment to the re­gion for hun­dreds of years if we can con­vince him to use gran­ite as the Chi­nese did for the long­est last­ing part of their wall.

we wait for this wind­fall, we can al­ways dream, a bit of re­al­ity must set in. And the re­al­ity, some­times whis­pered but now, more and more, vo­cally ex­pressed, is that the re­gion lacks qual­i­fied man­power will­ing to work.

refugees are not lazy as a rule. The var­i­ous waves of them over the years have al­ways made our coun­try more pros­per­ous.

will not be the first ‘Syr­ian’ wave to hit our re­gion. One hun­dred years ago we saw in in­flux of Ar­me­ni­ans and Syr­i­ans from what was then the Ot­toman Em­pire, most of them Chris­tians. Lo­cal Bashar Sh­bib was born in Da­m­as­cus. And let’s not for­get René An­gelil and Paul Anka, both with Syr­ian fa­thers and Le­banese moth­ers.

we need now is a strat­egy to get those with the skills needed to visit our re­gion as fast as can be done.

are sure that in some United Na­tions camps there are stone cut­ters, me­chan­ics, will­ing to learn our ways while we learn theirs. Be­cause, while we may be very good at what we are do­ing in the stone in­dus­try, we have not been at it for mil­len­ni­ums. This is what im­mi­grants bring to a coun­try: a new per­spec­tive. As our an­ces­tors did over the last four hun­dred years, adapt­ing their skills to a new re­al­ity. As did the Na­tives in their mi­gra­tion from Asia thou­sands of years ago.

like th­ese do not hap­pen of­ten and we must take ev­ery mea­sure that we can think of to bring some of the Syr­ian refugees here. On De­cem­ber 31st around 6 p.m., I placed a call to Am­bu­lance Stanstead as my wife was hav­ing a dif­fi­cult time to breathe. I got on the phone with the dis­patcher and I asked him to send the am­bu­lance to 35D Rail­road street in the Rock Is­land sec­tor of Stanstead and I ex­plained to him where we were lo­cated, and while talk­ing with him on the phone he did hear my wife call­ing for help as she was hav­ing a hard time to breathe. I know he heard her say­ing “I can’t breathe” but while talk­ing with me he said: “Ex­cuse me I have an­other call.” Just imag­ine, putting me on hold, my wife was dy­ing I would say, I was put on hold for about at least 15 to 20 min­utes, af­ter he had heard her shout she could not breathe. I

U. would think af­ter hear­ing her, he would have searched faster. Sad to say, af­ter at least 35 min­utes, my wife had then stopped breath­ing. Mean­while, I was on the phone with the dis­patcher. I had sent my grand­son to watch for the Am­bu­lance and he came run­ning in the house telling me the Am­bu­lance had gone by my house. I replied to the dis­patcher telling him they had missed the ad­dress, they had gone to the wrong ad­dress. So it took some­time be­fore they got to my place. When they did get there, I had to holler to Ron­ald Knapp to come in the house and to go to the bed­room and tend to my wife. They tried to re­vive her, but it was too late. Maybe if they had got­ten there ear­lier my wife might still be alive as the re­s­pira- tory equip­ment they had might have helped her to breathe un­til they got her to the hos­pi­tal. Af­ter this was all over with, I went to the Am­bu­lance Sta­tion my­self and drove at 60km/hr and it took me less than the 10 min­utes; to be ex­act it was 8 min­utes to my house. The ques­tion re­mains: Why did it take them over 35 min­utes to re­spond? Was it the dis­patcher’s fault by tak­ing too much time to let Am­bu­lance Stanstead know about Peg­gie Diste­fano Beaver’s sit­u­a­tion? What went wrong and Why? So be aware, it could be your loved one next time.

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