How the Am­bu­lance ser­vice works

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In Que­bec the am­bu­lance ser­vices are pri­vate com­pa­nies. The pro­vin­cial govern­ment gives them man­dates with the fi­nan­cial re­sources to man­age those man­dates. In ru­ral ar­eas like here in Stanstead the pro­vin­cial govern­ment gives what is called a 7/14 ser­vice. A 7/14 ser­vice is when a Para­medic works for 7 days for 24hrs in a 14 day pe­riod. Be­cause they are on call they must re­main within prox­im­ity to the Am­bu­lance Sta­tion, so most of­ten at their homes. So when a call comes in from the Call Cen­ter they must meet up at the Am­bu­lance build­ing to­gether to re­trieve the Am­bu­lance to go out on a call. So de­pend­ing on a va­ri­ety of fac­tors it could take them be­tween 5 to 7 min­utes to get to the Am­bu­lance build­ing, then they leave to go out on the call. The Stanstead Am­bu­lance Com­pany is a not-for-profit that has only one pri­or­ity and that is you. We have been fight­ing for many years to have a full-time ser­vice that would elim­i­nate that ex­tra de­lay, but the govern­ment con­tin­ues to refuse our re­quests. It has been writ­ten in this and other pa­pers of our ef­forts in the past. We con­tinue to work with the com­mu­nity to have AED’s avail­able in the area, to of­fer CPR classes. We also work with Stanstead’s first re­spon­ders all in an ef­fort to save lives. Re­mem­ber that when call­ing 9-11, you are call­ing a call cen­ter. That call cen­ter will ask a lot of ques­tions. Please rest as­sured that the near­est or fastest Am­bu­lance will be au­to­mat­i­cally sent to your lo­ca­tion while you are an­swer­ing all the ques­tions. Th­ese ques­tions are im­por­tant and are part of an in­ter­na­tional sys­tem used all over the world. Each call is recorded for qual­ity as­sur­ance. The call cen­ter is com­pletely sep­a­rate from the Am­bu­lance com­pa­nies and are best suited to dis- patch Am­bu­lances. For ex­am­ple if we (Stanstead) are al­ready on a call they will send a dif­fer­ent com­pany so that it min­i­mizes the de­lay as much as pos­si­ble. All Am­bu­lances are tracked by GPS. A few im­por­tant notes. We can­not ac­cept Am­bu­lance re­quests di­rectly, they must all go through 9-1-1. When­ever pos­si­ble have some­one wait­ing to di­rect the Am­bu­lance to the cor­rect house. Find­ing your home in the dark is not al­ways sim­ple, your num­bers are not al­ways vis­i­ble and not ev­ery­one will know the area. Hav­ing all their med­i­ca­tions and cards ready ahead of time will also speed up the process. Please do not hes­i­tate to con­tact us if you have ques­tions.

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