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may re­mem­ber when then Con­gress­man Bernie San­ders was bring­ing bus­loads of Ver­mon­ters to our brand new lo­cal phar­macy to protest the high cost of medicine in the United States. This was be­fore the only man crazy enough to call him­self a so­cial­ist ran and won as a Sen­a­tor.

Re­mind­ing us that the only Com­mu­nist con­trolled party elected in North Amer­ica re­fused even to call it­self so­cial­ist. We are talk­ing about Québec Sol­idaire.

Back to South of the Bor­der. Mon­day, in Iowa, Bernie San­ders may have lost by 2 Con­ven­tion votes, but he won the race. When a toss of a coin de­cides who wins, in this case San­ders was the lucky fel­low as re­ports say that he won 6 out of 7, claim­ing a vic­tory as the Clin­tons’ did has an air of ob­scen­ity to it. When you can­not beat fair and square a Mup­pet-like char­ac­ter who was trail­ing you 50% a year ago, it’s time to take an­other look at your cam­paign. Mind you the Clin­tons are ex­cel­lent at this, they are the in­ven­tor of political Te­flon af­ter all.

San­ders is, in a way, what cur­rent pres­i­dent Bar­rack Obama aimed to be: a man of change. Har­bin­ger of a new political rev­o­lu­tion that looks a lot like the orig­i­nal one. Pres­i­dent Obama had no choice but to bend to the re­al­ity of the great­est eco­nomic cri­sis in the United States. The cri­sis in the 1930’s did in fact less harm than this one.

That the Amer­i­cans need a dose of ‘so­cial­ism’ is a given. That is un­less they want an­other rev­o­lu­tion of the down­trod­den. That the coun­try lacks sim­ple uni­ver­sal health care is an ig­nominy that shames the world’s great­est econ­omy. Our sys­tem is im­per­fect, noth­ing is per­fect, but no­body goes bank­rupt be­cause they are sick in this coun­try.

On this, San­ders could be able to give his coun­try­men what Hil­lary Clin­ton wanted to when she was First Lady.

We do not live on an­other planet in our re­gion; we some­times live di­rectly on the bor­der. What hap­pens in the USA im­pacts our daily life. Imag­ine any of the Repub­li­cans get­ting into the White House and what will hap­pen to traf­fic into the USA. As if some­thing that ap­plies to the Mex­i­can bor­der would evade us.

Next week it will be New-Hamp­shire’s time to vote in a pri­mary. Sen­a­tor San­ders has a good lead there, but ev­ery vote that he can get there is a bonus. While the cau­cus sys­tem in Iowa is com­plex, in the Gran­ite State it is eas­ier. If you have friends or rel­a­tives there, please tell them to vote. They do not have to be reg­is­tered to do so.

For us, di­rectly, the elec­tion of a pres­i­dent knowl­edge­able of who we are, who can pin­point Stanstead on a map, is al­most un­be­liev­able. While we are for­bid­den, un­less we are dual cit­i­zens, to vote or con­trib­ute to Sen­a­tor San­ders’ run at the White House, we must try our best to see him nom­i­nated as the Demo­cratic can­di­date.

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