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Easter is now al­most solely about choco­late rab­bits, the eggs hav­ing al­most dis­ap­peared. And the bunny is also on the way out to be re­placed by the Easter Foot­ball!

As the spirit of Christ­mas is also un­der siege, Chris­tians, most of us, and our few Jewish and Mus­lim read­ers will agree that, in the end, Chris­tian­ity is a Jewish sect that was cre­ated by a Jew.

So next Sun­day hap­pens to be Easter, the found­ing day of the Chris­tian Faith. With­out the Res­ur­rec­tion of Je­sus of Nazareth, there is no Chris­tian­ity and no Easter choco­late Foot­ball.

And as yes­ter­day’s events in Brus­sels shows too well, there is no hu­man­ity as well.

That some young peo­ple are un­able to grasp that the mes­sage of God is to love and re­spect one an­other, that killing is the great­est of­fence that one can com­mit but that killing in His name is an­other thing.

First, th­ese young peo­ple are well mean­ing. Hard to swal­low, but true. They be­lieve that they are right in di­rect­ing us to the true God, even if it means killing us to do so. One can imag­ine Saint Peter’s dilemma when they show up at the Gates. They died for God af­ter all. One knows what Saint Peter will do to the head of th­ese or­gan­i­sa­tions: Straight to hell, not sure if Lu­cifer will grant them en­try.

When we say that they are well mean­ing, ask your­self about the Easter choco­late Foot­ball.

Now, the rea­son why we could gorge our­selves on choco­late on Easter was that for the weeks be­fore we had fasted, dur­ing Lent. As the Jews do dur­ing Passover and the Mus­lims dur­ing Ra­madan.

Choco­late eggs. The egg be­ing a sym­bol of the re­birth of Christ. And the bunny is an old Lutheran tra­di­tion, it bring­ing the Easter eggs to de­serv­ing chil­dren. But when a so­ci­ety com­pletely for­gets what it is about, that the choco­late dic­tates Easter, then we should re­flect a bit be­fore con­demn­ing those whose view of the dis­torted world that we live in com­mit ab­hor­rent crimes. No­body but a few fa­nat­ics around the globe will ar­gue for a minute that killing in­no­cents can be for the glory of God. We write a few, there are close to 2 bil­lion Mus­lims around the World, if we count all the ter­ror­ist at­tacks per­pe­trated in the last twenty years we would be hard pressed to find one thou­sand in­volved. The Is­lamic State be­ing an al­to­gether dif­fer­ent state of affairs sim­pli­fied to the ex­treme in the West and mixed with all the nice rev­o­lu­tions spon­sored by our friends from the South want­ing to bring ‘democ­racy’ via Face­book and Twit­ter. A nice ob­ses­sion that has cost the lives of al­most a mil­lion peo­ple and desta­bi­lized a whole re­gion. And now, there is a chance that the Or­ange man can be­come pres­i­dent!

So this Easter, let’s pray that a bit of san­ity comes back to the planet. That the Easter choco­late foot­ball is sent to obliv­ion, that we ex­plain to our chil­dren why there are Easter eggs, why some­times we hunt for them and that the Easter Bunny is as­so­ci­ated with the eggs and Christ’s Res­ur­rec­tion.

And on Fri­day, be gen­er­ous and buy a Car­i­tas bread: your sand­wiches will taste a lot bet­ter.

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