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Beaulne Mu­seum of Coat­i­cook is pleased to present the exhibit: “Tie your apron!” a col­lec­tion of the Beaulne Mu­seum from the 24th of April 2016 to the 23rd of Oc­to­ber 2016. The public and the press are cor­dially in­vited.

is pos­si­ble to con­firm that the first aprons date from the Mi­dlevel and Re­nais­sance pe­riod and were worn by work­ers, men and women alike. Earn­ings as well as fab­rics were not in abun­dance dur­ing that time so aprons were not aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing. Wear­ing an apron was a ne­ces­sity dur­ing many cen­turies. Its ob­jec­tive was to protect the clothes un­der­neath which were also very lim­ited.

1940 to 1950, the apron be­came pop­u­lar. It was made of dif­fer­ent types of fab­rics mostly cot­ton and em­bel­lished with pock­ets and frills. Whim­si­cal ones had lace and rick-rack trims. These days, we wear an apron be­cause they are prac­ti­cal, but mostly be­cause they are in style. Apart from the ev­ery­day us­age and by artists, gar­den­ers, mer­chants, bak­ers and chefs, many other so­cio-pro­fes­sion­als wear aprons.

This exhibit will show the im­mense va­ri­ety of this gar­ment. All the aprons are from the col­lec­tion of the Beaulne Mu­seum. : 819-849-6560.

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