Huge fire in Austin

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Alarge and dan­ger­ous fire broke out in Austin on Mon­day, around 2:00 pm, on a prop­erty close to the rail­way line near the in­ter­sec­tion of route 112 and North Road. A SOPFEU water-plane, which could be seen reg­u­larly sweep­ing low over the city of Ma­gog to col­lect water from the lake, worked with five lo­cal fire ser­vices to put out the fire: Austin, Stanstead, Ma­gog, East­man, and the Regie in­cendie Mas­saw­ippi (Ayer’s Cliff). It is be­lieved the fire was caused by a res­i­dent try­ing to burn a nest of some kind.

First to ar­rive, the Austin fire ser­vice found the fire was burn­ing on both sides of the rail line and was spread­ing fast. With homes and Mont Or­ford na­tional park at risk, the other ser­vices were quickly called.

The Stanstead fire depart­ment was asked to send a tanker truck and two fire­fight­ers and they quickly re­sponded. “We got the call mid-af­ter­noon that the fire was out of con­trol and grow­ing. We ar­rived at the scene just a few sec­onds be­fore the crew from Ayer’s Cliff,” said Stanstead Fire Chief Chris Good­sell. The Stanstead team set up their por­ta­ble pond and filled it, twice, for the Ma­gog pumper truck to use to ex­tin­guish a pile of burn­ing aban­doned rail­way tim­bers that were ly­ing be­side the rail line. “It was a huge pile of rail­way tim­ber, soaked in cre­osote. Once they caught fire there was im­mense heat; a foam­ing agent and a me­chan­i­cal shovel had to be used to put out that fire,” said the Fire Chief.

“When we first got the re­quest to go I had to ask the dis­patcher to re­peat it. It was a first for us, go­ing to Austin, but a fire knows no borders. It took us twenty-five min­utes to get there, but when there is a fire of that mag­ni­tude… If we had some­thing like that here, they would come and help. We have to help each other,” ex­plained Mr. Good­sell. “We brought our cov­er­alls to wear for our work, but I sure felt bad for the guys who were wear­ing full gear,” he added.

In to­tal, about fif­teen fire trucks were called to the scene, as well as aux­il­iary fire trucks. “The po­lice did a good job of keep­ing the roads closed so the emer­gency ve­hi­cles could get through,” com­mented Mr. Good­sell. Fire­fight­ers were at the scene un­til about 2:30 am on Tues­day to make sure the fire was out. It is ex­pected that SOPFEU will cover the ex­penses of the fire.

The SOPFEU water plane drop­ping water on the fire in Austin on Mon­day.

The Stanstead Fire Depart­ment fill­ing their por­ta­ble pond for the Ma­gog Fire Depart­ment to use dur­ing the Austin fire.

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