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Min­istère des Trans­ports is a world onto its own. Able to get rid of its own min­is­ter. Now it is also the one that brings the most, how shall we say, con­tri­bu­tions to po­lit­i­cal par­ties via the bil­lions in con­tracts that it awards ev­ery year.

don’t usu­ally com­ment on non-lo­cal prob­lems, but the MTQ is such a dys­func­tional mess that if af­fects us lo­cally. You only have to read the neg­a­tive an­swer given to the town of Stanstead to un­der­stand what we are talk­ing about. It’s a sim­ple one, re­duce the speed on Duf­ferin in the school zone to 30km an hour. It’s a sim­ple tac­tic, speed­ers usu­ally go over the 70 Km/hr range, and they are caught with over 40km an hour above the limit. There goes the money and all the de­merit points in the world. Now hon­estly, we are not cyn­i­cal enough to be­lieve that cops have quo­tas to fill, but let’s say that for once we are cyn­i­cal.

min­istry seems to not un­der­stand the mean­ing of a hu­man life nor about car­ing for the safety of our chil­dren. Ours, we know what they think of it.

know first­hand that the spec­i­fi­ca­tions for road build­ing are ar­chaic here; we travel in Ver­mont or New Hamp­shire enough to un­der­stand that the weather South of the forty-fifth par­al­lel is warmer by tens of de­grees. That must ex­plain why their roads are in bet­ter con­di­tion. re­done a cou­ple of years ago, have to be done again.

in the busi­ness knows how in­ef­fi­cient they are; a Char­bon­neau-like com­mis­sion on the Min­istry would oc­cupy hun­dreds of lawyers for years.

when called to duty in an emer­gency, the em­ploy­ees show that they are able to do some­thing else than sleep on the job. We only have to re­mem­ber the flood­ing in Coat­i­cook last year to prove what we are writ­ing. Plans were drawn up overnight and in­tel­li­gent so­lu­tions ap­plied im­me­di­ately. In fact, they proved how dys­func­tional they are, qual­i­fied peo­ple un­able to work cor­rectly un­less forced to do so by out­side events. If Coat­i­cook is near, in the Sague­nay some­how they were able to have a bridge built un­der one year when the giant flood de­stroyed one in the late 1900’s.

it is dys­func­tional is shown in the sig­nage; let’s for­get the use­less giant screens with tech­nol­ogy from the Moon land­ing age. Just sim­ple ones. Canada has been met­ric for al­most half a cen­tury. There are con­ven­tions at­tached to the sys­tem. It has to be easy to di­vide and mul­ti­ply. So why is it that we see signs for snow­mo­bile trails marked ‘230 m’? Well, it’s easy: that’s the clos­est to 750 feet. This lit­tle, and we mean lit­tle, prob­lem shows the depth of the prob­lems at the MTQ.

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