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We cel­e­brated the 149th an­niver­sary of the on­go­ing experiment that is Canada last Fri­day. It will last till the next an­niver­sary for sure. It’s 2018 that is a bit more prob­lem­atic. There will be an elec­tion next year in Que­bec and Justin Trudeau may have given the PQ and the CAQ their best weapon yet. All po­lit­i­cal par­ties in Que­bec ad­mit that Que­bec is a na­tion, the Lib­er­als in­side an­other, namely Canada, the CAQ is not sure and the PQ and Québec Sol­idaire an in­de­pen­dent state.

He said that Canada is one na­tion. Even Ole’man Dief had to ad­mit, in his later years, that Que­bec was some­what dif­fer­ent than the rest of Canada. The gaffe is what the PQ needed to nee­dle Trudeau, co­de­named Te­flon up to now.

There is an un­seen prob­lem with the Trudeau in Que­bec, an ab­so­lute lack of sup­port per­son­nel fa­mil­iar with Que­bec at the Prime Min­is­ter’s Of­fice. Even Steven Harper could count on a cou­ple of grounded Que­bec Con­ser­va­tives to ad­vise him. But then Trudeau was not sup­posed to be elected in the first place, the never to be right Hon­ourable Thomas in Que­bec, Tom else­where be­ing the fa­vorite to win the last elec­tion. If not for the Niqab, he could have been. The NDP were ready; these are plan­ning politi­cians and they’ve had plans from years and years ago. And we might add, enough Que­bec Sol­idaire mem­bers to help them this time. When they be­came the of­fi­cial op­po­si­tion it was fun to see old Marx­ists, Trot­sky­ists and Maoists sur­round­ing the be­wil­dered win­ners at the win­ning party, es­pe­cially here in Comp­ton-Stanstead where the last thing that the for­mer MP had in mind was win­ning the elec­tion as he had not even been able to con­vince his em­ployer to give him time off to cam­paign. So Thomas/Tom is now a foot­note to his­tory and if Justin Trudeau con­tin­ues to goof, so could he.

That the Lib­er­als will be un­able to keep power in the next elec­tion in Que­bec is ob­vi­ous. More so if the PQ makes any deal, above or un­der the ta­ble with Québec Sol­idaire, and lets some ul­tra­na­tion­al­ist win with the CAQ. As usual, un­less a mir­a­cle ap­pears on the scene, Or­ford will re­main Lib­eral, the PQ hav­ing blown more chances to take the rid­ing than we can count. But Or­ford is not Que­bec.

So any gaffe com­ing from Ot­tawa will be a gift from heaven for the PQ. Im­per­fect polls af­ter im­per­fect polls still show that a third of the pop­u­la­tion is for In­de­pen­dence and Brexit will help. The fi­nan­cial disas­ter pre­dicted by the Re­main side is nowhere to be seen and will not be seen for years, if ever. And if Scot­land goes, Europe will be hard pressed to refuse mem­ber­ship on the same con­di­tion, then the only valid rea­son to keep Cat­alo­nia in Spain will dis­ap­pear and the Ir­ish will be united again. Two weeks ago this was fic­tion, to­day it is the new re­al­ity.

So the Right Hon­ourable Justin Trudeau should leave his smart­phone in his pocket and work a bit more in keep­ing Canada to­gether.

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