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On Sun­day, July 10th, around 8:30 pm in Or­ford, the Regie de po­lice Mem­phrem­a­gog (RPM) re­ceived a com­plaint about a dan­ger­ous in­di­vid­ual in a ve­hi­cle. It was the par­ents on Du Bl­iz­zard Street, in Or­ford, who told the po­lice that a man in his for­ties, Cau­casian, short hair with dark eyes, a black beard, and speak­ing French, driv­ing a dark red Chevy Van with rust on the bot­tom of the doors, was act­ing sus­pi­ciously. The man ap­proached chil­dren at the side of the road, of­fer­ing them can­dies. The man, who was alone in the ve­hi­cle, fled when an adult ap­proached the van. A mes­sage has been sent out to all the po­lice ser­vices in the re­gion.

Late last week, ac­cord­ing to the RPM, speed was at the cause of an ac­ci­dent that oc­curred on Mon­tagnac Street. An eigh­teen year-old fe­male driver was go­ing too fast when she failed to make a stop at an in­ter­sec­tion. In­stead, she drove into a small pond on a pri­vate prop­erty, and then climbed out the win­dow of the car. The driver wasn’t hurt but did re­ceive a fine of $169 and three in­ap­ti­tude points.

Also last week, on July 5th, a 49 year-old Ma­gog man, Martin Dubois, drowned while swim­ming in Lac Fraser in Mon­tOr­ford Na­tional Park. The man, who was a teacher at La Ruche high school, was try­ing to swim from the shore to a rock in the lake about one hun­dred me­ters from the shore, when he be­gan hav­ing trou­ble. The per­son he was swim­ming with tried to help, and cried for help when a boat came near. He was taken to shore by boat where the beach life­guard and a ci­ti­zen tried to re­sus­ci­tate him while wait­ing for the am­bu­lance. He was pro­nounced dead at the CSSS Mem­phrem­a­gog.

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