Dog de­fender takes pe­ti­tion to Sher­brooke

Stanstead Journal - - NEWS - Vic­to­ria Vanier, Sher­brooke, Len­noxville

JAsked how the Sher­brooke coun­cil re­acted to her re­quest, Ms. Young com­mented: “The coun­cil was cold, quick to shut it down, and didn’t show much in­ter­est. Now I’m re­ally won­der­ing and even more wor­ried than be­fore.”

In the case of “Toxon”, the pit bull was be­ing walked by its master on a leash when a smaller dog, not on a leash, came from across the street and at­tacked the much big­ger dog. The pit bull re­acted to de­fend it­self and, un­for­tu­nately, the smaller dog died as a re­sult of its in­juries. “It hap­pened on a Satur­day and the owner had no time to get a lawyer by Mon­day, when the dog was put down. If that dog was such a threat to hu­mans and other dogs, why didn’t it hurt one of the five hu­mans who tried to stop the at­tack?” ques­tioned Ms. Young who added that, in past in­ci­dents of dog ag­gres­sion, the dogs have been eval­u­ated.

What makes Toxon’s case un­usual is that he was the dog on the leash and he was Founder of the Pet Con­nec­tion and owner of Blue Seal,

pro­posed a Dog Tri­bunal to the Sher­brooke City coun­cil on Mon­day night fol­low­ing the eu­th­a­niz­ing of a large dog. not the at­tacker, but the de­fender. “I don’t even know the owner of Toxon. I took this on be­cause I’ve saved hun­dreds of dogs and I’ve been ed­u­cat­ing peo­ple about re­spon­si­ble dog own­er­ship, about keep­ing them on a leash at all times when in pub­lic. Then you have a dog on a leash, act­ing like any dog would, and he was killed! I had to do some­thing,” said Ms. Young who also be­lieves the city should re­quire dog own­ers to have their dogs on leashes and wear­ing a ‘halti’, a de­vice that goes over the muz­zle and tight­ens only when the dog pulls hard. “In this sit­u­a­tion, any dog at all, walk­ing on a leash, could be at risk to be eu­th­a­nized if it is at­tacked by an­other dog,” she con­cluded.

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