Gran­ite’s town?


One only had to hear the pres­i­dent of Poly­cor, Pa­trick Perus, talk about how gran­ite is now a part of any ma­jor town re­design el­e­ment to re­peat once again that the save a penny to loose a dol­lar at­ti­tude of Stanstead elected of­fi­cial is cost­ing us a for­tune.

We will re­peat the out­rage of not hav­ing spec­i­fied real Stanstead Grey, quar­ried and cut in Stanstead, for Seth Tay­lor place.

There is al­ways a limit to pure stu­pid­ity and the time has come to re­peat once again that our down­town is a mess, that if we were lucky to have 2 ma­jor in­vestors buy the whole place whole­sale, we haven’t seen much work done lately. And if they did, we could al­ways say that fools al­ways find a way to waste money.

What would it take to make down­town vi­able? First, as we have of­ten said, re­move the wiring mess.

Sec­ond de­mol­ish the old su­per­mar­ket. Add park­ing un­der a prom­e­nade, the sight is worth a visit. And I’m sure that the present owner would gladly ac­cept a dol­lar for the prop­erty. The value of what he owns jump­ing au­to­mat­i­cally. Why park­ing? Be­cause the mo­ment that down­town would be­come pop­u­lar there would a park­ing short­age. Al­ready, it doesn’t take much to over­flow what is avail­able. Redo the whole in gran­ite, side­walks, streets, curb. Try to re­vi­tal­ize the old Canal, it’s still there used as sewer! And get some proper fund­ing for the Mu­seum. For­get the grand scheme of self-fund­ing, put real money in the thing or closed it.

Then maybe we will be wor­thy of our so called Gran­ite Cap­i­tal of Canada ti­tle.

An in­dus­try that is the only re­main­ing in­dus­trial one in Stanstead should be pro­tected and pro­moted by the town. Stanstead should have kiosk in the ma­jor ren­o­va­tion shows in Que­bec and else­where. Yes that cost money, but if peo­ple as­so­ci­ate Stanstead and Gran­ite, they will start ask­ing for Stanstead Gran­ite first. Gran­ite is like wine, af­ter the third glasses it’s hard to distin­guished the re­gion it comes from, but if your first glass is a high qual­ity one you will. If we can in­grained in the pub­lic that un­less the name Stanstead is present it’s not qual­ity gran­ite, then we can not only main­tain the ex­ist­ing jobs but cre­ate new one.

And let’s for­get that the days of hav­ing fin­ished school in sixth grade and hav­ing a life­time job are over. So is the 8 months long work year. We are talk­ing about an in­dus­try that em­ploys skilled work­ers us­ing state of the art equip­ment and be­ing able to de­liver on time. We are also talk­ing about ex­pe­ri­ence peo­ple in mar­ket­ing and ad­min­is­tra­tion.

The town was ob­sessed about get­ting a Tim Hor­ton, fi­nally we would make it. Now that we have it, could we go to ba­sics.

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