Glen Ea­gle sam­ples up 9.17 g/t Au at La Co­bra

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GLEN EA­GLE Re­sources Inc. has re­ceived sam­ple re­sults from ini­tial sam­pling at the La Co­bra project in Hon­duras as well as at other sites im­por­tant to com­pany pro­duc­tion per­for­mance at the Co­bra Oro CIL (car­bon in leach) plant in Cho­luteca, Hon­duras.

Given the easy ac­cess from the western prop­erty en­trance, sam­ples were taken from the area which was the log­i­cal choice to start ex­plo­ration sam­pling. “His­tor­i­cally, this area has pro­duced lower grades com­pared to other min­ing ar­eas within the 775-hectare La Co­bra con­ces­sion,” said chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer Jean Labrecque. “How­ever the con­sis­tency of val­ues com­ing from a limited num­ber of sam­ples re­mains a promis­ing in­di­ca­tor for fu­ture site ex­plo­ration.”

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Each sam­ple com­prised ap­prox­i­mately five to seven kilo­grams of rocks that were later

pul­ver­ized and ho­mog­e­nized to be more rep­re­sen­ta­tive of each area be­ing sam­pled. The next sam­pling pro­gram will likely be con­ducted from the east side of the prop­erty where his­tor­i­cal val­ues are known for their bet­ter grade. Fully map­ping and sam­pling ac­ces­si­ble un­der­ground vein ex­po­sures will also be­come a pri­or­ity for con­tin­u­ing ex­plo­ration.

Of in­ter­est are the re­sults of sam­ple E5810410, which re­turned 8.23 g/t (grams per tonne) gold and 7.6 g/t sil­ver, and sam­ple E5810412, which re­turned 2.5 g/t gold and 6.3 g/t sil­ver. Th­ese sam­ples were from the mine, site of a his­tor­i­cal past-pro­duc­ing gold and sil­ver mine in south­ern Hon­duras. Sam­ples con­sisted of blocky vein ma­te­rial with no vis­i­ble min­er­al­iza­tion, but with ev­i­dence of hy­drother­mal al­ter­ation and tex­tures po­ten­tially in­dica­tive of a low-sul­phi­da­tion ep­ither­mal gold/sil­ver de­posit style. Sam­ple E5810409 was taken from sur­face in a small pit and con­tained some sur­face-de­rived soils as well as rock frag­ments. The un­der­ground rock sam­ples were taken of vein foot­wall al­ter­ation as well as vein ma­te­rial. The paucity of gold in the vein sam­ple un­der­ground to­gether with the 4.51 g/t gold and 3.6 g/t sil­ver in the same vein at the adit por­tal may sug­gest that a nugget ef­fect ex­ists.

Glen Ea­gle is plan­ning a de­tailed ex­plo­ration, def­i­ni­tion and re­source quan­tifi­ca­tion pro­gram for the mine dump and ad­ja­cent adits in the con­text of a Na­tional In­stru­ment 43-101 tech­ni­cal re­port, now un­der way.

Other sam­ples re­ceived in­cluded E5810414 and E5810415, which re­turned gold val­ues of 4.93 g/t and 3.97 g/t re­spec­tively with sil­ver val­ues of 77.4 g/t and 61.9 g/t re­spec­tively. Th­ese sam­ples are from a dump site at an­other south­ern Hon­duras past-pro­duc­ing gold/sil­ver op­er­a­tion.

Of in­ter­est at this client site is that the vein source of the dump ma­te­rial was crushed, but was not pro­cessed fur­ther. As a re­sult, it does not have to un­dergo pri­mary crushing at the Co­bra Oro CIL plant and ship­ments can be un­loaded straight into the fine ore bin.

One cer­ti­fied ref­er­ence ma­te­rial sam­ple was in­serted into the sam­ple stream — OREAS 62e. The cer­ti­fied gold value for OREAS 62e is 9.13 g/t, with a stan­dard de­vi­a­tion of 0.41 g/t. The re­ceived gold value for sam­ple E5810411 was 9.17 g/t, well within the 95-per-cent con­fi­dence in­ter­val. The cer­ti­fied sil­ver value for OREAS 62e is 9.86 g/t sil­ver, with a stan­dard de­vi­a­tion of 0.37 g/t (four-acid di­ges­tion). The re­ceived sil­ver value for sam­ple E5810411 was 10.2 g/t, within one stan­dard de­vi­a­tion, but slightly out side t he 95-per-cent con­fi­dence in­ter­val. Thus, th­ese analy­ses from Agat Lab­o­ra­to­ries of Mis­sis­sauga, Ont., are deemed ac­cu­rate in the analy­ses pro­vided for gold and sil­ver.

None of the sam­ples showed anoma­lous con­cen­tra­tions of base me­tals.

Jim Steel, MBA, PGeo, is the in­de­pen­dent qual­i­fied per­son work­ing on the La Co­bra project. He has read and ap­proved the tech­ni­cal con­tent of this news re­lease.

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