Gal­way Met­als drills 3.1 m of 14.5 g/t Au at Ju­bilee

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GAL­WAY MET­ALS Inc. has re­leased par­tial as­say re­sults from two di­a­mond drill holes from its Ju­bilee prop­erty, lo­cated five kilo­me­tres south­west of, and on strike with, the South zone at Clarence Stream. Th­ese are the first stepout as­say re­sults re­ceived from Gal­way’s 11-hole, 1,766-me­tre drill pro­gram de­signed to fol­low up on pre­vi­ous gold in­ter­sec­tions re­ported by Ju­bilee Gold and Union Gold.

Robert Hinch­cliffe, pres­i­dent and chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer of Gal­way, said: “Gal­way has suc­cess­fully ex­panded the first satel­lite min­er­al­ized zone out­side the two re­source ar­eas at Clarence Stream, and we are plan­ning ad­di­tional drilling for fur­ther ex­pan­sions in the fu­ture. The new in­ter­sec­tions ap­pear to have good widths with lit­tle over­bur­den. Other min­er­al­iza­tion in this satel­lite zone was in­ter­sected by Ju­bilee and Union, which Gal­way fol­lowed up. Taken to­gether, the near-sur­face min­er­al­iza­tion en­coun­tered at Ju­bilee could rep­re­sent the first of sev­eral new de­posits to be dis­cov­ered in what may be an emerg­ing gold district at Clarence Stream. We have moved the drill rig a bit to the east to test a strong ano­maly that lies in between, and along strike with the South zone and Ju­bilee. We plan to then test sev­eral of the ar­eas of strong soil anom­alies out­lined be­low.”

Gal­way is also pleased to re­port ad­di­tion al strong gold-in-soil anom­alies de­lin­eated along strike with North and South zone re­sources, ex­tend­ing up to 12.0 kilo­me­tres along strike from the South zone western limit. On Sept. 26, 2017, Gal­way is­sued a re­source up­date at Clarence Stream.

Ju­bilee drill in­ter­sects high­light the first satel­lite de­posit at Clarence Stream

The drill re­sults at Ju­bilee high­lighted herein are sig­nif­i­cant be­cause they con­tain wide, near-sur­face in­ter­sects that may be amenable to pit-con­strained ex­trac­tion (like 76 per cent of the re­source at Clarence Stream).

Gal­way’s first two drill holes at Ju­bilee tar­geted the open west end of the zone, with the in­ter­sec­tions lo­cated ap­prox­i­mately 72 me­tres west of pre­vi­ous drilling by Ju­bilee Gold and Union Gold. At least three hori­zons of min­er­al­iza­tion cover­ing a width of 85 me­tres ap­pear to be present in the his­tor­i­cal drilling, while an­other hori­zon has been in­ter­sected within the in­tru­sion to the north­west, adding 60 me­tres for a to­tal of 145 me­tres of width to the zone.

The two holes Gal­way is re­port­ing herein were from the same set-up, and drilled north­west, with hole 2 un­der­cut­ting hole 1 at a steeper an­gle. As­says are pend­ing for the re­main­ing nine holes and for the last half of the first two holes.

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Soil sur­veys re­veal highly anoma­lous gold ar­eas

Re­sources at Clarence Stream are con­tained within 2.5 kilo­me­tres of Gal­way’s 65 km strike length. Beyond the ar­eas con­tain­ing the re­sources, there are many ad­di­tional strong drill tar­gets iden­ti­fied. Gal­way Met­als has un­der­taken a very ag­gres­sive soil sam­pling pro­gram con­sist­ing of more than 10,000 sam­ples in 2016 and 4,237

sam­ples in 2017.

Two grids were cov­ered in 2017 on ei­ther side of the Rolling­dam grid that had re­turned the best re­sults from 2016. Eight lin­ear anom­alies have been de­lin­eated, in this east zone, up to 1.1 km long. The high­est-grade soil anom­alies in­clude 681 ppb plus 107 ppb (con­sec­u­tive sam­ples 25 m apart), and 140 ppb in one zone, 164 ppb and 180 ppb in a sec­ond zone, and 231 ppb in an­other zone.

To the west of the 2016 Rolling­dam grid, 11 lin­ear anom­alies have been de­lin­eated, up to 1.4 km long. The high­est-grade soil anom­alies in­clude 158 ppb, 180 ppb and 281 ppb in one zone, 308 ppb and 523 ppb in a sec­ond zone, and 111 ppb, 154 ppb and 104 ppb in other zones. The 2016 Rolling­dam grid has seven lin­ear anom­alies de­lin­eated.

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