Sonoro En­ergy starts test­ing LG-1 up-dip well

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SONORO EN­ERGY Ltd. has pro­vided an up­date on drilling op­er­a­tions at its LG-1 up-dip well, with drill stem test­ing hav­ing com­menced on the Budong Budong pro­duc­tion-shar­ing con­tract in West Su­lawesi, In­done­sia.

Fol­low­ing suc­cess­ful log­ging of the open-hole sec­tion from 297 me­tres to 549 me­tres be­low kelly bush­ing (KB), the com­pany has iden­ti­fied prospec­tive oil and gas zones for fur­ther test­ing to de­ter­mine in­dica­tive po­ten­tial flow rates and reser­voir con­di­tions.

The test­ing in­ter­vals have been fur­ther ap­proved by SKKMIGAS, the In­done­sian gov­ern­ment reg­u­la­tor. This test­ing pro­gram has been specif­i­cally de­signed to meet data gath­er­ing re­quire­ments to sup­port a po­ten­tial plan of devel­op­ment to the gov­ern­ment should re­sults war­rant it. The in­ter­vals cur­rently be­ing tested are be­tween:

• 474 me­tres to 495.5 me­tres KB;

• 375 me­tres to 401 me­tres KB;

• 333 me­tres to 353 me­tres KB.

Note that as there are sev­eral stacked sand lay­ers in be­tween clay­stone, these in­ter­vals do not re­flect an ac­tual net sand pay but the ar­eas over which the test­ing pack­ers are ex­pected to be set.

The com­mence­ment of test-

ing should not be in­ter­preted to mean that com­mer­cial rates may be achieved. Fi­nal test re­sults of oil and gas pro­duc­tiv­ity, if any, are re­quired to help the com­pany in as­sess­ing com­mer­cial­ity of the project.

Fur­ther de­tails and re­sults will be pro­vided once test­ing and anal­y­sis are com­plete. About Sonoro En­ergy Ltd. Sonoro is an in­ter­na­tional oil and gas re­source ex­plo­ration and devel­op­ment com­pany with a fo­cus on South­east Asia and its on­shore Budong Budong pro­duc­tion-shar­ing con­tract in Su­lawesi, In­done­sia. The com­pany has drilled to to­tal depth for the LG-1 up-dip ap­praisal well drilling pro­gram on the Budong Budong li­cence, off­set­ting the orig­i­nal LG-1 well.

We seek Safe Har­bor.

Christo­pher David Atkin­son, Ryszard Kurr, Wil­liam James Marpe, David Rus­sell Robinson, Richard Wadsworth, David An­thony Win­ter

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