Lomiko’s Gill seeks to iden­tify fo­rum user “leesland”

Lomiko Met­als Inc.’s CEO, Paul Gill, has once again filed a court case against a Stock­house poster. He claims that a user named “leesland” is be­hind a three-year string of defam­a­tory ma­te­rial.

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FOR THE sec­ond time in re­cent months, Lomiko Met­als Inc. chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer Am­rit Paul Gill has asked the Supreme Court of Bri­tish Columbia to help him iden­tify a Stock­house fo­rum user. He is ask­ing for a court or­der for in­for­ma­tion re­lated to a user named “leesland.” Ac­cord­ing to Mr. Gill, that user is be­hind a string of defam­a­tory posts go­ing back three years that have crit­i­cized Mr. Gill’s record as CEO.

The al­le­ga­tions are con­tained in a pe­ti­tion that Mr. Gill filed at the Van­cou­ver court­house on Oct. 5, 2018. The pe­ti­tion claims that the user leesland has been writ­ing fo­rum posts about Mr. Gill since at least Aug. 6, 2015, to the present. As Mr. Gill sees things, the posts are harm­ing his rep­u­ta­tion. As he does not know the user’s name, he has no le­gal re­course with­out the court’s as­sis­tance, he says.

Mr. Gill is seek­ing a court or­der that would di­rect Stock­house to pro­vide any iden­ti­fy­ing in­for­ma­tion that it has for the user. This would in­clude the IP ad­dress. An IP ad­dress is a unique nu­mer­i­cal iden­ti­fier that can be used to trace a com­puter’s phys­i­cal lo­ca­tion through the user’s In­ter­net ser­vice provider. As­sum­ing he is suc­cess­ful in lo­cat­ing the user, Mr. Gill could then be­gin le­gal ac­tion or (more likely) ex­tract an apol­ogy.

The posts that Mr. Gill com­plains of, which he quotes in full, be­gin with one dated Aug. 6, 2015. “What can be said about Gill and LMR’s track record the last 7 years that could drive any­one to in­vest in LMR at this point,” the post be­gan. “I laugh at all the peo­ple who pumped this above 7 cents and de­scribed what the share price was to come about and NOTH­ING. Oh well, I may in­vest at 1 cent.”

An­other post, dated Oct. 28, 2015, re­ferred to Mr. Gill’s salary and sug­gested that he could be one of the few in­sid­ers buy­ing the stock. “I can see the only in­sider who buys this at the 3-7 cent range is Paul Gill and if Gill did not snag them up I think its safe to say LMR will be at 1 cent,” the post stated. It con­tin­ued, “I would like to know the burn rate of Gill’s salary and the out sourc­ing of his own com­pany the last 4 years vs the amount of money put di­rect into the ground on the as­sets.” The posts con­tin­ued in a sim­i­lar vein, with a July 5, 2017, mes­sage ti­tled, “Gills stats as a ceo.” The post read: “Must [hand] it to Gill, ben with the com­pany for how long and cant find sta­bil­ity above 3 cents pre roll back. Must be nice to be a CEO of a pub­lic listed com­pany and draw a salary for this long with the num­bers Gill has pro­duced to his share hold­ers.”

An o the r mes s age, da ted May 10, 2018, read: “Paul you need an­other Roll Back. Wow Paul, are we back be­low sin­gle dig­its once more, I think we should go 20 to 1 maybe if the share price will not be in sin­gle dig­its for a year. Who am I kid­ding with Paul Gill it would drop from a buck to a nickle in weeks.”

The fi­nal mes­sage that Mr. Gill com­plains of came on Sept. 4, 2018. It re­ferred to an­other re­cent court case in which Mr. Gill is seek­ing to iden­tify a Stock­house user. It read: “The great Paul Gil, look­ing for jus­tice in the courts from a CEO who ba­si­cally has not done that well, sorry let me be hon­est has not per­formed at a level that could make many share­hold­ers sat­is­fied with him his run ... . ” A judge has not yet heard Mr. Gill’s pe­ti­tion. Van­cou­ver lawyer Erika Decker of Harper Grey LLP filed the case on his be­half.

The case comes just over a month af­ter Mr. Gill won an iden­ti­fy­ing or­der for an­other Stock­house poster, this one named “TruthDig­ger.” Mr. Gill com­plained that some­body us­ing that alias had wrong­fully ac­cused him of fraud. Mr. Gill pur­sued sim­i­lar cases in 2012, seek­ing a court or­der for two users named “gwaa” and “buy­buy­buy1.” Ac­cord­ing to a pe­ti­tion that Mr. Gill filed on Sept. 18, 2012, those users posted ma­te­rial that ac­cused Mr. Gill of com­mit­ting fraud, be­ing a “joke of a CEO” and of hav­ing en­gaged in “self serv­ing pump­ing.” As with TruthDig­ger, Mr. Gill ob­tained a court or­der that per­mit­ted Stock­house to pro­vide iden­ti­fy­ing in­for­ma­tion for the pair. He does not ap­pear to have pur­sued the mat­ter fur­ther in court, at least in B.C., but there were no ad­di­tional posts un­der those user names.

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