Hobo-cop tac­tic hot topic with read­ers


AS­TORY about po­lice dress­ing up as ho­bos to catch driv­ers us­ing cell­phones had our read­ers pulling over in droves to com­ment.

This hobo- cop st­ing is a cash grab be­cause the ve­hi­cle is not mov­ing at a red light when the driver takes a look at his or her cell­phone. How­ever, as soon as that same ve­hi­cle pulls away from the in­ter­sec­tion while the driver is en­gaged with the cell phone, then a ticket is de­served.

What is the dif­fer­ence if I pulled over to the side of road to take a cell­phone call ?

— 23734452

Make the dis­tracted-while- driv­ing ticket worth­while.

Loss of cell­phone, and loss of car and li­cense for a year plus a $ 1,000.00 fine.

That would be sim­i­lar to a drunk driv­ing penalty. There are not that many more mur­ders in Man­i­toba and the cit­i­zenry scream for jus­tice. Why are killers by cell­phone any dif­fer­ent?

— bee­tle

It is so ap­pro­pri­ate that the city is dress­ing po­lice of­fi­cers as beg­gars be­cause ap­par­ently that is what the po­lice ser­vice has be­come.

There are still no stats on how many in­juries cell­phones cause while driv­ing. The city just wants the money.

— 23943102

As the old say­ing goes, “It’s not a cash grab. It’s a vol­un­tary tax on the stupid.”

And I might as well add that I’ve never had a prob­lem with garbage re­moval or my bins.

— Rod­ney 2

I don’t un­der­stand the con­cern about people look­ing at their phone while stopped at a red light. You can look at a map, put ketchup on your fries, put on lip­stick, fish out a cig­a­rette and light it (as long as there are no mi­nors in the ve­hi­cle), or comb your hair; but a quick look at a screen is a haz­ard.

As soon as it af­fects driv­ing, that’s when tick­ets should be is­sued.

— Just­Won­der­ing

I agree with these tac­tics. I al­most smashed into an suv that was pulling on to Ness Av­enue. She was all over the place and still star­ing down and peek­ing up af­ter al­most bit­ing it! “omg that was close lol”

And how about pedes­tri­ans with eyes glued to their phones cross­ing busy streets? It’s in your in­ter­est to at least glance. Far­mville can wait 12 sec­onds.

— ernest borg9

What the friend who wrote “what is the dif­fer­ence be­tween look­ing at a map and look­ing at a cell­phone” doesn’t get is that any form of dis­trac­tion while driv­ing is against the law, but leg­is­la­tors have spelled out spe­cific rules with re­spect to cell­phones so that there will be no con­fu­sion. So if you are brush­ing your hair, ap­ply­ing make up, eat­ing a sand­wich or typ­ing on a lap­top while driv­ing (which def­i­ni­tion in­cludes while stopped at a red light) you are a dis­tracted driver and can be charged.

— 23668767 Speak­ing as a para­medic who has seen the tragic re­sults of far too many collisions caused by dis­tracted driv­ers, I would ab­so­lutely sup­port any covert meth­ods used to catch these people!

— EG Just out of in­ter­est, how many people com­ment­ing here are re­tired? Life was a lot dif­fer­ent back when you had kids.

Heck, I re­mem­ber when my dad would have the time to wait with me in a store be­cause we ar­rived early to our des­ig­nated meet­ing spot. There is no time like that any more. Par­ents job hours are be­ing ex­tended. My job ex­pects me to re­spond within 10 min­utes of be­ing called. Let­ting the call go to voice­mail is taken as a sign that you weren’t be­ing at­ten­tive to our du­ties. We need cell­phones to keep in touch with our lives. Our kids are richer for it though. I doubt we could have them in ex­tra cur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties ev­ery day of the week with­out cell­phones.

Any­way, whether you un­der­stand it or not cell­phones are nec­es­sary to­day.

— 23943102

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