Keep your Peeps


IT’S of­fi­cial. Noth­ing, I mean noth­ing, is too stupid to make a movie about.

Film-maker Adam Rifkin, re­spon­si­ble for epics such as Detroit Rock City, has now taken an op­tion on mak­ing a pic­ture about Peeps, the gar­ishly-coloured marsh­mal­low can­dies you throw out af­ter Easter be­cause no­body re­ally likes them. Hey, if The Lego Movie can work, any­thing can work, right?

Dead­, reporting this, says the story will be “set the night be­fore a Peeps dio­rama con­test, when a way­ward Peep gets mis­placed and must ad­ven­ture through the fan­tasy lands of dif­fer­ent-themed dio­ra­mas.” Can’t wait!

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