Mo­vado Bold Mo­tion

$695 (£460), mo­

T3 - - Preview -

What do we have here, T3?

It’s a Blue­tooth wear­able with a stylish, min­i­mal­ist de­sign and brains en­gi­neered by Hewlett-Packard. The Mo­tion is per­fect for peeps who don’t want an in­tru­sive, heavy-duty smart­watch, or for those who like the style of the Withings Ac­tiv­ité. With a black ana­logue face and white dial, quartz move­ment and a sil­i­cone strap, it’s a hand­some one, right?

Yeah, it’s a looker. What can it do?

Well, apart from tell you what time it is (ob­vi­ously), it can track your steps, giv­ing you feed­back (via its app) on how many you take each day. Via the app, you can also set daily step goals, with the watch no­ti­fy­ing you on your progress in real-time.

What about texts and emails?

Be­cause the Mo­vado Bold Mo­tion has an ana­logue dis­play, you can’t ac­tu­ally read your texts and emails on it. How­ever, us­ing the app (An­droid and iOS), you can set it to no­tify you when some­thing comes through to your smart­phone – sav­ing you time dip­ping in and out of your in­box to check for new mes­sages – or if an im­por­tant cal­en­dar ap­point­ment is loom­ing. The watch will do this via a com­bi­na­tion of vi­bra­tions and flashy colour changes, mak­ing you the envy of teenagers ev­ery­where.

Er, cool (I think?). When can I get it?

The Movido Bold Mo­tion is out now. Get it on your wrist!

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