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So, an­other Blue­tooth speaker? How bor­ing…

Hold your horses there, fella, for this is no or­di­nary speaker. This one, wait for it, you can swal­low.


Yep, you heard me. Au­diopill then “starts beat­ing at pre­set BPM. Techno party you can’t es­cape!” It’s part of a con­cep­tual art pro­ject by Jan Poope based on a med­i­cal ul­tra­sound de­vice. You swal­low it, so it goes down into your guts, where you can con­trol the beats per minute (BPM) of the speaker us­ing a mag­net. It can go from a chilled 95BPM to a rather hec­tic 143BPM.

That doesn’t sound like fun.

No, and mister Poope’s In­diegogo spiel doesn’t re­ally sell it, ei­ther. Check this: “Au­diopill (pill) will make you feel like… you are stand­ing in a fac­tory work­shop full of metal work­ing ma­chines and ram­ming an im­pact drill into your stom­ach.”

Oh .

And there’s more: “You may for a while re­gret your ex­per­i­men­tal courage. You are at a 10-hour party of one and only hyp­notic rhythm, and there’s nowhere to es­cape… If you have a shorter life than the bat­tery in­side (10 hours and can’t be switched off when swal­lowed!), it can pump you up to in­san­ity!”

Is it safe?

Ahem: “Dur­ing de­vel­op­ment of the de­vice, many doc­tors and four poly­mer ex­perts who were con­sulted on en­case­ment ma­te­ri­als, warned the au­thor ‘ to never ever swal­low any­thing like this’.”

I’m al­right , act ually.

You’re not alone. Au­diopill’s fund­ing tar­get is ¤150,000, but when GaGu last checked, it had reached just ¤28.

They say:

“Ev­ery­thing is at the user’s own risk. The au­thor waives all re­spon­si­bil­ity.”

Guru says : Take your in­testi­nal speaker and shove it up your arse.

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