Varidesk Cube Plus 40

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Ernest Hem­ing­way and Win­ston Churchill were big ad­vo­cates of work­ing stand­ing up, and sit­stand­ing desks have seen a resur­gence in re­cent years. Why? For the same rea­son your smart­watch or fit­ness tracker prompts you to move every hour: you won’t do your health any favours by sit­ting for pro­longed pe­ri­ods. Varidesk is a big name in ad­justable sit-stand­ing desks, with its Cube Plus 40 de­signed for small study spa­ces. Sit-stand­ing desks are of­ten very ex­pen­sive, but this one trans­forms your study setup for less than £400. The Cube Plus 40 sits on top of a desk, ta­ble or bench, cre­at­ing a de­cent space to set out your study tech and ma­te­ri­als (it sup­ports up to 15kg of gear). To raise the desk for study­ing while stand­ing, squeeze the han­dles on ei­ther side and ad­just it through 11 dif­fer­ent height set­tings. The spring-loaded boost de­sign makes it easy to raise, while a weighted base keeps it in place. £395,

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