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01 AP­PLE ipa d Pro ap­ PRICE From £619 Tested T3 271 Both the 10.5- and 12.9-inch mod­els of­fer a stun­ning 120Hz HDR screen, with lap­top­beat­ing pro­cess­ing power, and the best mo­bile sketch­ing tool in Ap­ple Pen­cil. t3 says A near-fault­less tablet that can be a true lap­top re­place­ment with iOS 11. 02 AP­PLE ipa d (5th-gen) ap­ PRICE From £339 Tested T3 269 Ap­ple’s 9.7-inch tablet has a strik­ing dis­play, lots of speed, su­perb bat­tery life, phe­nom­e­nal app sup­port, and top-notch build qual­ity, all for a se­ri­ously good price. t3 says An ideal fam­ily tablet for light apps and me­dia – qual­ity at a great price. 03 google pixel c PRICE £299.99 Tested N/A Prob­a­bly the best An­droid tablet you can buy to­day, with a fab­u­lous dis­play, stacks of power and a de­sign that’ll turn heads when you’re read­ing emails on the train. t3 says If you’re not in­clined to go with Ap­ple, this is a bril­liant al­ter­na­tive. 04 sam­sung tab s2 sam­ PRICE £299.99 Tested N/A Thin­ner and lighter than be­fore, the Tab S2 also has a new-style 4:3 screen that’s great for pro­duc­tiv­ity but may not suit all tastes. It’s avail­able in eight- or 9.7-inch ver­sions. t3 says Sam­sung’s ul­tra-light tablet is a def­i­nite iPad chal­lenger.

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KIND LE OA­SIS ama­ PRICE From £269.99 Tested T3 257 The Oa­sis is clearly aimed at peo­ple who want the best re­gard­less of price. Bat­tery life takes a hit, and it’s ex­pen­sive, but it’s faster, lighter and more im­pres­sive than any other e-reader out there now. t3 says The best e-reader money can buy. Sa msung Ta b S3 sam­ PRICE From £599.99 Tested T3 269 Sam­sung’s high-end tablet comes with an S Pen sty­lus that’s great for notes, has a lush 9.7-inch HDR dis­play, and is fast and pow­er­ful, while be­ing thin and light enough to carry with you ev­ery­where. t3 says A great pre­mium An­droid slate.

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