Fen­der Monterey

£300, fen­der.com

T3 - - Issue 273 / Oct 2017 -

Nice amp. Where’s your gui­tar?

Ac­tu­ally, this isn’t a gui­tar amp. It’s the pre­mium model in the de­but line of Blue­tooth speak­ers from six-string brand Fen­der. The Monterey is a 120-watt stun­ner de­signed to look like a Fen­der ’68 Cus­tom amp, com­plete with blue LED amp jewel light.

It even has tone con­trols!

Aye, there’s amp-style knobs for con­trol­ling vol­ume, bass and treble, so you can tweak the Monterey’s sound in the way you’d tweak sound on a real Fen­der amp. The mains-pow­ered Monterey aims to bring Fen­der’s stage-ready per­for­mance into your home, while stream­ing mu­sic and voice calls.

And what’s go­ing on in­side?

How about two 5.12-inch woofers and two one-inch tweet­ers, pump­ing out 120 watts of pow­er­ful Fen­der au­dio? On the back of the Monterey sits a Shape but­ton, too, which en­ables you to ‘shape’ (equalise) the sound for the spe­cific room you’re in.

Did you say there’s another speaker in the range?

Along­side the Monterey sits a more com­pact speaker called the New­port, tak­ing its styling cues from Fen­der’s cov­eted ‘Sil­ver­face’ metal grille amps. The 30-watt New­port plays for up to 12 hours per charge and, like the Monterey, has a range of over 33 feet. It also has a built-in USB port to charge your smart­phone or tablet.

Nice! When can I buy this?

The Fen­der Monterey Blue­tooth Speaker is avail­able to buy now.

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