Asus ZenFone AR

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T3 - - Issue 273 / Oct 2017 -

A new Asus phone, eh?

The ZenFone AR is the first smart­phone cer­ti­fied for Google Tango (AR) and Day­dream (VR), so if you want to ex­pe­ri­ence mo­bile VR/AR, this is your way in. Although, you’ll have to pay a pre­mium price to do so.

Tell me about the VR and AR stuff

Google Tango and Day­dream plat­forms come fully sup­ported on the ZenFone AR, but to en­joy the full VR ex­pe­ri­ence you’ll need a Google Day­dream View head­set. The big­gest AR/VR-fo­cused in­no­va­tion on this phone is the Su­per AMOLED screen de­signed with an ul­tra-low-per­sis­tence mode to stop the im­pres­sion of mo­tion blur. That, and the Tri-Cam Sys­tem fit­ted at the back.

This phone has three cam­eras?

Aye. There’s a 23MP main rear cam­era (a Sony IMX318 with 4:3-shaped sen­sor) flanked by a mo­tion-track­ing cam­era and a depth-sens­ing cam­era. Away from AR/VR needs, there’s an 8MP cam­era at the front, with op­ti­cal image sta­bil­i­sa­tion for good low-light photo qual­ity, plus a range of modes in­clud­ing Su­per Res­o­lu­tion, which merges sev­eral ex­po­sures to cre­ate a 92MP image.

Crazy! What AR stuff should I try?

You’ll get the best demos from play­ing AR mo­bile games or us­ing AR in­te­ri­ors app. Check out Hot Wheels Track Builder, which maps and builds a play room onto a room in your home, Woorld and iS­tag­ing.

Okay, I want this. When is the phone com­ing out?

It’s avail­able to buy now!

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