How can I get bet­ter at chess?

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A There are books, there are apps, there are clubs, but noth­ing gets you bet­ter at mov­ing the ol’ cas­tles and horseys than ac­tu­ally play­ing. If you lack de­cent op­po­nents, you can head online – is a mecca for grand­mas­ters and scrubs alike, and con­tains plenty of train­ing tools.

For the tac­tile joy of slam­ming down pieces you’ll want a proper board, and you could spend as much as you like on a set. Hang on a lit­tle for the re­lease of the Square Off board ($299/£230) which moves the pieces all by it­self if you want some­thing fancy, or con­sider a Blue­tooth DGT e-Board (£895) if you want record­ings of your blun­ders and check­mates.

above The T3 team are world chess cham­pi­ons. Hey, we’re nerds, it could be true, you don’t know…

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