A chargeathon

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Nat­u­rally, on a mega jour­ney like this, the Tesla was go­ing to need charg­ing up sev­eral times, but just how of­ten did we need to do it? Over 1,700 miles, at a mo­tor­way cruis­ing speed of around 70mph (with the oc­ca­sional road­works/ traf­fic to con­tend with) the dash was in­di­cat­ing a range of about 312 miles. In the­ory, we’d be able to cover the to­tal dis­tance (LE to JOG and back again) with just six stops. In re­al­ity, and with a safe hat on, we ended up charg­ing 10 times over the course of four days - six times on the way up to the north­ern tip, and four on the way back to the south. We used Tesla charg­ers ex­clu­sively, apart from at JOG where we were forced to use a public charger. Though all this charg­ing busi­ness might seem like stop-off overkill, once you’ve re­cal­i­brated your brain to treat each charge as a 30-45 minute rest break, it not only works bet­ter for you, but it’s quicker to charge the car than if you were to stop for longer breaks less of­ten.

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