To hide away or put on a pedestal? It might de­pend on the looks…

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The Op­toma UHD65 is a dour Dark Knight in­tended for black­ened cin­ema rooms

Acer’s V7850 is lounge-friendly. The gloss white cab­i­net is made even more stylish by a cop­per­coloured lens as­sem­bly, and build qual­ity is high. Mea­sur­ing 40cm wide, it’s an easy fit for the av­er­age liv­ing room.

The stylish back­lit IR re­mote is sup­ported by a menu-based nav­i­ga­tion on the chas­sis, use­ful if you’re opt­ing for a down-to-earth in­stal­la­tion rather than bolt­ing it to the ceil­ing.

There are two HDMI in­puts, but only one is v2.0 HDCP 2.2 com­pli­ant. There’s also a VGA in­put, and an au­dio mini­jack. The pro­jec­tor is 3D ca­pa­ble, but no glasses are sup­plied.

With an in­dus­trial de­sign that owes much to Thun­der­bird 2, Ep­son’s EH-LS10500 is much more of a heavy­weight. At 18kg, it’s not some­thing you’ll keep in your sock draw. Fin­ished in stealthy matt black, the lens is pro­tected by an au­to­mat­i­cally slid­ing cover.

Con­nec­tions are to the rear, hid­den be­hind a cos­metic grille. This un­screws to re­veal two HDMIs (again, only one ac­cepts a 4K 2160p in­put), com­po­nent and com­pos­ite video ports, and PC VGA. There’s no ob­vi­ous on-body con­trol clus­ter – in­stead a pop-out panel of­fers joy­stick menu nav­i­ga­tion, source se­lec­tion and lens ad­just­ment.

It comes with a large, back­lit re­mote zap­per. Not sub­tle, but you won’t lose it. In­cluded are two pairs of Ac­tive 3D glasses.

The Op­toma UHD65 is a dour Dark Knight in com­par­i­son. The cab­i­net is black with a me­tal­lic ac­cent. In­tended for darker cin­ema rooms, where it blends in rather than dis­tracts, the look is se­ri­ously cine­matic.

While hot air vents are to the front, in­puts are re­cessed to the rear. Con­nec­tions in­clude two HDMIs (yes, only one is 4K HDCP 2.2 ca­pa­ble), plus VGA and au­dio out­puts.

The Op­toma re­mote is a dumpy af­fair, but of­fers quick ac­cess to all in­puts, plus ba­sic pic­ture pa­ram­e­ters. The pro­jec­tor is also 3D-ca­pa­ble, but comes sans glasses.

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